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  1. So glad I found this page. I used to go with my brother's Roger and Steve Green- when he was on leave. Had some really good chats with other regulars in there. Sunday nights was Gossips because they stayed open an extra half hour or so.
  2. Hi We are looking around for suitable premises to run a number of training courses in Sheffield. Any ideas?
  3. I don't mind giving it a read, send it over via PM
  4. Have a look at event medics and that sort of thing. Some of the bigger ones have ambulances.
  5. I was browsing the internet and found a website that sells electrical PAT testing equipment. I mentioned it to a few friends who say you can do PAT testing yourself and you don't need to be a qualified electrician. Anyone know if this true?
  6. Why not pop down and burn of some energy and have a go at martial arts? We are at the venue every Monday from 6:00 until 7:30. The main style is Taekwondo but not the stuff you see at he Olympics. Our focus is on realistic self defence that does work. First lesson is free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. (We will be having Easter Monday off) The Venue 650 Manchester Road Stocksbridge Sheffield S36 1DY (I noticed the typo but can't find a way to edit it) ---------- Post added 25-03-2016 at 20:34 ---------- Happy Easter everyone have a great weekend.
  7. They should have given you a copy of the contract to take home, also if you didn't want the VIP package a credible company would refund you, minus the lessons already taken. I will say that these type of contracts are notoriously difficult to escape or get a refund from although you could argue that you were misled into signing, which is a criminal offence!
  8. Anyone selling or giving away baby rabbits in the Sheffield area. Can wait if they are not ready yet. Thanks
  9. Lots to pick from on this website: http://www.sheffieldhelpyourself.org.uk/keyword_search.asp?keyword=VENUES+FOR+HIRE
  10. Hi If it helps at all: The TAGB are members of the governing body for Taekwondo in the Uk - The British Taekwondo Council - and are very well respected. Sparring is semi contact as opposed to full contact WTF Olympic style. In terms of cost: My advise, with any martial art, would be not to sign any contract that binds you to that club for any length of time. Pay as you train or pay monthly.
  11. Just out of a matter of interest, Meroveus did you do your Taekwondo training under the White Rose/MST banner? Malcom Siddal? If so I would question your credentials. He was not then, nor is now, under the National Governing Body for TKD. Unless you count the one he made up.
  12. Hi You say you are not at the Zest centre? On your website that is the only club mentioned ...
  13. I have had some experience with the instructor of ABC combat and can honestly say he is a very good instructor with a lot of knowledge. He teaches with a no BS approach, is honest and I would recommend him to anyone.
  14. Hi, you don't mention the title of your book and the link only takes you to Amazon, not your book page. I would love to read it
  15. Community Centre, Brookhill, Thorpe Hesley Rotherham S61 2QF 11:30am till 5:30pm Price £30 with Certificate Emergency First Aid including sport injuries, this is for Instructors, students and friends of friends (14 years and over) you will need to make payment up front for your place and we only have 12 places for this date. So be quick as this is a cheap price as it is one our friends in the martial arts who teaches the course. Please click on the link below and contact the organiser on Facebook. Moderator, sorry if I have broken any rules with this post.
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