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  1. ive had posties not even bother deliver a parcel because of my gate, they just shoved a card through under it, and legged it, no dawgs or anything, ive lost count on how many times ive had to phone up and complain, and the guy who answers at the depo needs a class in customer service aswell ....fact
  2. have a search on the free site http://www.skeg-vegas-vans.co.uk there might be an owner on there who may have those dates and availability x
  3. have a look on http://www.skeg-vegas-vans.co.uk there might be an owner on there with those dates available x
  4. i remember the big cage round the back of the shop, it was used for cardboard aswell, just cant believe that any of the staff are not around on any forum or fb??? X
  5. you can advertise your caravan for free on here http://www.skeg-vegas-vans.co.uk, theres a free webpage to advertise it secure booking form enquiry and can add edit photos and description also people can serch this site for free, if they are looking for a caravan holiday x
  6. hiya forum, looking for people who worked at gateway foodmarkets ltd, fomerly solo on kilner way halifax rd then it became somerfield, mainly gateway staff in the 80s, cant find anyone at all on FB and nothing at all about the shop anywhere, where have they all gone??? GFx
  7. pm me your SV van number and ill check it as i get copies of all in enquiries GF x
  8. hope this is not seen as spamming ITS NOT INTENDED AT ALL BUT TO SEND THE MESSAGE AND PROVIDE A SERVICE as it is FREE for hard up caravanners who are struggling in this day and age, its just to let static caravanners know a free website has been created to advertise their holiday caravans for 2013, other sites charge up to £60 a year, THIS SITE IS FREE theres a user interface for you to book out your dates, all messageing is secure, site lock and ssl secure, a webpage to get bookings for your van this year and earn some pennies. the site is focused on the skegness part of the country,(hence the URL) but all east coast vans and anywhere else for that matter is welcome to list, nothing to loose, list your van here http://www.skeg-vegas-vans.co.uk G x
  9. clicking heels and and an imaginary LIKE button, Lool XXX
  10. on less witch in sheffield when im out of town, lol x
  11. not sure where to put this question/post but ive found a birds nest in the Clematis, its not very high and theres two birds in it, not sure if they are chicks, (they're brown) big eyes and long beaks just sat there in the nest....no sign of any mother coming back and forth to them, however i saw a bird last week with a heap of worms in its beak sat on top of my greenhouse, but that was last week does anyone know what 'might be going on?...i hope they havnt been abandoned, ps they look rather large to be chicks though confused dot com GF:confused:
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