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Sad day for my lil ratty


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Such a sad day here, well a while ago I adopted a couple of lady rats from berkana, called penny and peach ..well anyway we adopted a younger one also, and they've been lovely! but a few months ago peach died and now just today penny has died.. They were looking old bless!

So my problem is that poppy the younger one is now all alone as she is a shy girl anyway, I dont think she's coping very well, she was cuddling up to penny's dead body & she hasn't moved much since we've taken the body out :( She's sat on her hammock her fur on end, we've given her treats and loves also, I'm making her an extra warm bed tonight and I've found her a teddy.. But she almost looks as if she's given up & going to die herself :(

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sadly rats dont live that long, our last two (brothers) died within days of each other, think the others heart broke when the first died.

rats are generally social creatures so get on with others they know well, love


you got poppy out and cuddled her? tried to make her feel loved?

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could you not consider adopting another young pair of rats to keep her company? as you know there are always rats lookin for homes 4 of my 5 have been rescues due to accidental unwanted pregnancies


im very sorry to hear about you losin your older 2. i had to make the awful decision to have my old boy peanut pts a few weeks back i was devestated. his brother pumpkin is doin well with his other cage mates but at 30months hes an old man aswell now. its so sad one of the only downfalls of rat ownership their short lifespan.


scritches to your lonely little girl. try makin her somethin really yummy to eat wayv to a rats heart through their tum. porridge with chopped fruit usually goes down a treat?

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