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Im looking for people to sign my petition for Shopmobility

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http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/funding-uncertainty-for-mobility-support-service-1-4401994 so thats swfc and sufc supporting the petition The Star and Calendar News came today aswell which will be aired tomorrow at 5.25pm. I dont think Ive done bad really. Look North will be doing a story next week I think Sheffield Council are going to be out voted on this subject!!:banana:
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There is absolutely nothing, really that can be cut back on, Ash. Expenditure has all been cut to the bone.

The Charity has had to shed its only other paid worker, as the money to cover their post was lost.


The Charity is receiving 20% or so less money, currently, to provide the service at two loan points, instead of the single loan point, previously, to an almost tenfold increase on service users (from 500 to 6,500 currently).


Yes there are advertisements on some of the chairs and scootas.


Utter crap!



How can we live in a world where imprtant stuff gets no or very little funding yet we spend BILLIONS on some tootie fruity sports event?

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I rang Radio Sheffield today asking for interview and Mark will be on The Toby Foster Breakfast Show in the morning from 7.20am. Mark also did a interview at shopmobility today by Mark Ansell which you will hear parts off during news bulletins. Radio sheffield is on DAB and also 88.6FM I shouldnt say this but I hope this is really peeing the sheffield council off :hihi:.

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