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  1. Facebook updates and refreshes the page by itself. Maybe its that.
  2. You need to man up and grow a pair mate.
  3. Hand them over for what? A slap on the wrist at best?
  4. Hes a legend! http://www.bobbyknutt.co.uk/contact_me.html
  5. I already have but the mods seem to think its ok
  6. Because i didnt know. Unlike some people i dont feel the need to immediatly open any post i might get. I usually do that when i can be bothered to and thats usually of an evening time. Does that answer your (pointless but hillarious) questions, Miss Marples?
  7. If you believe in stopping freedom of speech then yes, The fact the bnp have not got a candidate is a good thing. I on the other hand thinks its a very bad thing that the bnp arent represented.
  8. No. The chicken legged postman who delivers all my posts. By the by, why do i need to mention it? I went for a turd this morning. Should i have mentioned that too?
  9. 6 is a good start. Keep it up;) I recieved two more from parking at meadowhall retail park on staurday. One was really strange as it was for a car ive not owned in 2 years but its definatly me in the picture. Im guessing theyve played with the dates or something. Im going to Asda tomorrow so i dare say ill get another one there too. Edit. The thing i love about getting a ticket are those pretty little yellow bags they put them in. "Asda, Going that little bit further to show we care" lol
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