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  1. Exactly and not as if it was easy to get to, they broke the padlock of the fence then had to break into the padlock of the shed. Then as there thick they took barrel out where you put key in. Where there is a leaver at back to free wheel it. Thanks to the star the donations are going up : ).
  2. The Star are doing a cover on the story and will be live online tonight then going in the paper thursday/friday. So hopefully that will help with the crowd funding : ). ---------- Post added 25-04-2017 at 23:27 ---------- great piece from The Star http://www.thestar.co.uk/our-towns-and-cities/sheffield/thieves-steal-mobility-scooter-from-heartbroken-great-grandmother-in-sheffield-1-8511643
  3. My neighbour Christine is elderly lady and has had her City Ranger mobility 6 silver 4 wheeler scooter stolen from her shed in wincobank. She is lovely lady and looked after me in Chancet Wood Residential home when i was a kid. I have set up a crowd funding page for her to see if I can replace it for her if not found. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/replacestolenmobilityscooter
  4. these are great £25 for my Toy poodle it is next to concord park the lady enters in crufts so knows her stuff http://www.purrfectandpooch.co.uk/ If you ring tell them Daz recomended you with alfie his Toy Poodle.
  5. I work for Shopmobility Charity try them 01142812278 open from 9.15am mon-fri close at 3.30pm free wheelchair hire with extension for up to 6 weeks.
  6. Thanks for that I live near meadowhall and have no car so not possible. Which is typical as its so cheap!!
  7. I have a 5 month old toy poodle what I would like to take to training classes. Also would I be able to set up a weekly direct debit as wont have the money to pay up front thanks.
  8. I am looking for dog training courses I have looked only and most dont have prices up. Which shouts out expensive to me, so wondered if anyone new of any. Aswell as how much, I live near wincobank would need a bus as cant drive. Thanks in advance!
  9. There are PRA tested and vet checked poodles for price I want only problems there to far away and I dont drive. So got to rely on others hense I put on here. I will check Trent to Tweed thanks : ).
  10. I am looking for Poodle Breeder as I am wanting to buy one either miniature or standard. I have searched google and found that most live miles and miles away. So I thought I would come and ask on here if anyone knows anyone. Looking to pay about £450 cheaper if possible...I am a yorkshireman after all ha ha and I know about PRA checking too.
  11. Sorry to hear about that the other breed I have looked at is poodle, I just love CKCS thats all . I have a PDSA close buy to where I live too.
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