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Second hand mirrors

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I am looking, hopefully, for a second hand mirror. Not a household mirror, more like something which has come from a gym etc, so basically frameless but with bevelled edges etc.


I have looked on Yell.com and also tried a Google search but with no luck.


Does anyone know if there is anywhere that stocks mirrors like this but not at the cost of a brand new one?


And please, before any one is tempted, there really is no need for any smart Alec responses, trying in vain to be funny. All I am after is a bit of help.



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your best option may be to buy a mirror sliding door from b & Q and fix it to the wall, its unlikely you will find a mirror that large second hand,

theres a place called mgp in hillsborough that could make you one but you will be looking at £200 plus for a 2440mm x 1220mm silver safety backed mirror plus bevelled edges and drilling for wall mounting.

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gym mirrors are usually acrylic. The cheapest method is stretch plastic, which is stretched over a frame and heated to take out any wrinkles


have a look on ebay


how big do you need it? and what's it for? I've got an ex-display plain framed mirror that's probably six foot tall that I'm debating parting with

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Thanks for the replies.


And thanyou for the offer of the mirror, but i think it would be too long. May be I was a little misleading with what size I want. I am looking at about 4x2 foot, or maybe 4x3 foot. Nothing bigger than that.


Ok, thanks again, i will keep on looking.



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