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  1. I was at Hallamshire last week and signs were still saying mobiles must be switched off, not that anyone took any notice.
  2. The article says that you can top up your parking without returning to your car, how can you when you are supposed to switch off your mobile in the hospital.
  3. I would think so. From this website http://aboutforensics.co.uk/detection-dogs/ "Some dogs are specifically trained to detect dead bodies underwater, with the canine situated on a shoreline or boat. A newer concept is that of historical human remains detection dogs, which are trained to locate historical or archaeological graves."
  4. I don't know if it has been mentioned before as I haven't read through all this thread, but I can't understand how there does not appear to have been any use of sniffer dogs in the search, surely a dog could have done in hours what it has taken officers weeks to achieve.
  5. Five holes in my carport caused by the hail, I bet some caravans were damaged having soft alloy roofs, luckily mine was covered and safe.
  6. I know that thanks, I want to know what time for sellers.
  7. Anyone know what time Hesley car boot opens for sellers?
  8. The time limit changed to 1&1/2hours when the new company took over.
  9. I've tried Parkers in Chapeltown but each time I went for a trim the price increased, last time it was £10.75 FOR A MANS TRIM!!! my wifes was cheaper at the same salon, needless to say they have lost a customer through pure greed.
  10. What happened to the test case last month that was supposed to sort out this once and for all it was even on the national news but I've never heard the outcome?
  11. I spend quite a bit of time working at St Marys Church and there are cars blasting their horns every few minutes on that roundabout.
  12. Someone mentioned this on a caravan forum that I use and a young lady said quite seriously "Oh what a pity we will be away that day and will just miss it". :hihi:
  13. If I recall correctly, if there is a stoptap outside then anything inward from that point is the responsibility of the houseowner.
  14. Just the one outside Sinemaster warning of 30mph speed cameras which are no longer there. http://goo.gl/maps/jyDPo
  15. BTW if as we assume it was Ecclesfield/Chapeltown Road there are 30mph signs and also "NEW SPEED LIMIT" signs so no excuse.
  16. He says he was in Burncross not on Burncross road, the speed limit has always been 30mph on Burncross Road. ---------- Post added 31-12-2014 at 12:16 ---------- This is another one of those threads where the OP starts it and doesn't return with further information.
  17. Don't count on it, I got a ticket for doing 34.
  18. The OP has the area incorrect the speed limit change is from the top of Chapeltown Hill coming from Ecclesfield and down into Chapeltown and the speed limit was changed earlier this year, there was quite an in depth thread on here at the time which may or may not have resulted in the erection of "New speed limit" signs. Here you go http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1339888&highlight=new+speed+limit+chapeltown
  19. People who use the word "of" instead of have it's getting universal now.:rant:
  20. I was going to the NGH a few weeks ago for a procedure and decided to phone to see how long it would take so that I knew how much to pay, the receptionist said "oh just pay the minimum you won't get a ticket".
  21. About 15 years ago I waited 7 hours with my son with a broken arm so it looks like things are improving.
  22. Rediculous many many people stay longer than 3 hours at Mhall, a lot of people come from afar and make a day of it. ---------- Post added 17-11-2014 at 19:28 ---------- You won't because it's illegal.
  23. Where does it state this and what happens if you overstay?
  24. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19782680 What can't speak can't lie.
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