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Cash for Gold - any experience

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Does anyone have any experience of cash for gold and similar companies.

I've got a few odd earrings and a broken gold chain.

Also an engagement ring with some bitter memories :roll:

Where's the best place to sell them in Sheffield?

I had a bit of gold to sell and I went round all the shops they were all trying to ripp me off I ended up going to a little Asian guy on owler lane page hall he was a bit hard to deal with but he gave a lot more than any of main gold dealers offered by far including bramalls.

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i went to bramhalls gold room yesterday - no messing - £10 a gram for 9crt. would recommend.


Chap @ Doncaster car boot on Sunday paying £11.35p per gramm for 9crt gold.

Have tried Ramsdens in Corporation Street @ Rotherham with a 9crt gold chain they offered £49, went 50yds round the corner and got offered £109 at a jewellers. So the thing is beware and shop around for the best price..

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Use a reputable High St shop that has been there a long time. I've used F Hinds, Warren James both at Crystal Peaks and the pawnbrokers at Moorhead (Sorry, can't remember their name) good prices paid and very easy and pleasant to deal with.

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