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  1. Did anyone use to play on Crookesmoor rec. Opposite Crookesmoor Junior and infants school. Before they renamed it as part of thge Ponderosa (why).
  2. At one time wednesday played there Hatchard league games there. ---------- Post added 10-05-2018 at 11:08 ---------- Saw Outibridge Silica works team there once. ---------- Post added 10-05-2018 at 11:12 ---------- Remember when they built a stand etc.Think it was for the Jewish community on Wadsley common(Rather classy I thought at the time,) later Sheffield Rangers were on there in the 90's
  3. A former workmate of mine said that his wife had to sign a document that she would not have any kids for a certain number of years, ---------- Post added 30-04-2018 at 09:07 ---------- Don't know if they do it now but I had to make stage paments . Footings groundfloor sdecondfloor completion. I had to get someone who would do that kind of mortgage or get a bridging loan from the bank
  4. Remember Sheffield Twist Drill at Jordanthorpe now fallen into a mess
  5. It was a friends 18th Birthday(Brian) and one saturday night we took it in turns to by him a drink in the engine bar. We left him that saturday night in the middle of the ice late on.. It was reported that he was seen about 4am crawling on his hands and knees up East bank road. Also loved the inter ice rink meetings where they did Barrell jumping,Ice Dance, Speed Skating and Ice handball (because we were not allowed to start an ice hockey team. Played once when we went to Streatham got soaked because it was just a pool of water.
  6. Have you recently had any problems being disabled in your area that could be sorted. What was it please being access problems (please name it?) . Or anything else please Derek Focus Disabled
  7. I have seen them advertised put out a request in wanted section of ads but I don't know who you will get to fit it?
  8. Was quoted about 6 months ago for a straight up 13 steps £3,100.
  9. Pete Briggs use to go out with Corrine Sunter . The last time I was in touch with him he was living in Edinburgh.
  10. Run rabbit run rabbit run run run. Ten green bottles standing on the wall. sing something simple.
  11. Hi When did Peter die Both Gary Mills and Myself were friemds with him at Myers Grove.
  12. My wife worked at Thorntons as a sweet taster and on the mogal
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