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  1. Contact Paul Fox Piano Tuner - I am sure he will be able to help.
  2. My Dad Ron Levers drove for SUT for a time in the 1950's.
  3. What decade/period are you searching for?
  4. Fab tomato sausages at Pat O Brien - Banner Cross. Great butcher all round.
  5. ,,,,and from the holocaust the words NEVER AGAIN were used! Unfortunately it has happened time and time again. This film like the OP says is graphic and very upsetting. However, I feel that people should try and watch this because only then do we know what kind of things happened, but whilst we sob and can turn it off if we don't like it - these people ENDURED because there was no choice and even when we see we will never ever imagine a fraction of the 'evil' they lived, breathed ate and slept. I watch and read about these histories because I feel I owe it to them to witness so we can go on in our lives trying to live in peace. Their lives were not in vain. "There may be times when we feel powerless to prevent injustice; - but there must never be a time when we fail to protect" Elie Wiesel
  6. A great example of how fantastic the forum site is. My elderly neighbour had a blocked toilet/drain and after looking on the forum for others who'd had a similar problem and who they'd recommended, we soon came across ROCKY1. He didn't disappoint - true to form he replied soon after message sent and provided a great service. Highly recommended. So a huge thank you to the forum, the people who use and report sensibly and to Rocky1.:):)
  7. Not only could it have been a senile old lady, but even a middle aged man singing along to his radio! Let's not stereotype then - it could have been a number of factors on both sides (pesestrians/motorists)
  8. Either another estate agent or another coffee house!!!!!!!
  9. Cream cheese and marmite. Someone once put mint sauce on my vanilla ice cream at school and that turned out rather OK!
  10. It cannot be pleasant for those people who have had difficult/scary journeys. But some people are shouting out "where was the gritter - let's blame the council." A Heavy deluge of snow fell in a short time on a bank holiday in the evening when not as much traffic would be about to keep some of it at bay. Grit doesn't cure everything. They had been out gritting and had been throughout the night. Just because you didn't see one doesn't mean it didn't happen. At least half of the problems are caused by inexperienced snow drivers who cannot believe their car as got stuck, thus blocking the rest of the roads for others. You cannot beat Mother Nature and whilst some journeys were necessary yesterday and others got caught between rain and snow, we were warned the day before and half the world seems to have its head in front of a smart phone were there is a weather app. Snow fell, caused chaos but is moving away in less than 24 hours. Kids will love it at this time of year, so lets get our wellies on and show some community by clearing neighbours paths, and our own bit of side road - or build a snowman with the kids, - or stay inside eating, drinking and be merry. Take care. xx:|
  11. Although I wasn't there this time, I usually find way too many cup cake stalls at these markets, - as if that is all people like. I think it is good if there is a balance of different types of food and not too many of the 'same old'. Surely this is down to the person allocating the stalls. Whilst I like a cup cake occasionally, all that sugar and cream makes me feel 'sickly' just looking at it.:)
  12. @Nats thank goodness there are people like you who shows care and consideration.
  13. It would have been much better if they were in time, and could actually here the music. Sloppy and looked unrehearsed. Don't like to see babies trussed up at the best of times let alone been jigged about in this way. If these are the sorts of groups you join when you've had children then I'd cut my Maternity leave short or get a life. This looks way to like Yummy Mummy culture. However, if they enjoyed themselves then whatever floats your boat.
  14. I would just be honest and say" I am no chef" otherwise you may just get asked "what is in it and how did you cook it?" or even worse still that" this pie is gorgeous you must give me the recipe" and you'll be caught out.
  15. Everyone in the village still remembers my grandmothers because she was irish and pronounced it tirteen tirty tree. (1333 b & C)
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