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The Best Way to Dispose Of Earworms.

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We all get them: Earworms, those horrible songs that get stuck in the head and simply will NOT go!


I have one right now, thanks to some breath-taking cruelty on Facebook and as a "Cure," I`m now playing ELO very very loudly. I hope it works but its a very strong earworm and its haunting me.


Tell me, my sexy little snot-gobblers, whats your earworm and how do you make it go away...?

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I've found that the best way is to replace them with a slightly less annoying song. Stuff that you like listening to won't do the job- it has to be something else horribly catchy- but if you replace catchy and unbearable with catchy and don't mind it too much then that seems to work for me.


I had WhitneybleedinHouston running through my head for ages (fairly predictably) but found that the Macarena displaced it pretty well. I don't like the Macarena, but I feel a lot less murderous when it's whizzing round my head than I do with WhitneybleedinHouston stuck there, so that's a good trade off as far as I'm concerned.


The logical progression of this is that you can eventually get round to something that you actually like, via a dozen or so earworms which are gradually less and less annoying.


Of course there's always a risk that talking about them is going to take you all the way back to square 1 though, like typing about WhitneybleedinHouston- gah!

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