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  1. the Art was paid for by the the owner of Denise's, it's a private wall that had a problem with graffiti, that the council wouldn't remove it. One of the reasons for it is to discourage messy graffiti. Personally I think it's great, really brightens up the area. Check out the one on the Paint shop, and the Cafe near by too. Also the fish and chip shop is having one done. Love this stuff, hopefully more and more shops get this done on blank and boring walls.
  2. It was up for sale at one point, but the sign seems to have disappeared. The owner does appear every so often to clear the post, but hasn't been there for a while.
  3. I'm up at Redmires and I can hear a dance music beat drifting through the fog. Anyone else heard it and know where it's coming from? This is at 8am Sunday morning!
  4. Sticking a cycle lane there would never work, as cars park on both sides of the road and would block any lane. Double yellow lines would work, but then the local residents would have a moan that it's their right to park there.
  5. If there wasn't so many parked cars everywhere, it wouldn't be a problem.
  6. I have to say thanks to the trolley guy at Tescos on Infirmary Road. I was having a moment, and didn't lock my bike up properly - but he put it somewhere safe for me. Thank you very much! Also the staff at Aldi nearby are also always very pro and friendly.
  7. I'm 6 foot, but i'm dating a girl that's 6 foot 3 inch. If she only dated taller men, she'd severely limit who she'd be able to go out with.
  8. I know someone in 'The Spirals' - they do a lot of local gigging, and are from Sheffield. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV7T8Cgfud_R2n8dheCx03Q Send them a message if you are interested.
  9. Not quite, he lives in Fulwood. Source: I know a postie that delivers his mail.
  10. I saw it as blue and black, then I looked at it 5 mins later it had turned white and gold ---------- Post added 27-02-2015 at 17:22 ---------- Oh dear, it's just turned blue and black again. Hello brain?
  11. As a postman I used to see this all the time! And people were never greatful when you told them. It's as if people actually want to be burgled! I also found someone's credit card on the floor.
  12. Yes, this is it. Is it the new flats near beanies? Mail is bouncing back and forth between the two.
  13. It's just way too dangerous for the average person to cycle to work. Until we get a network of dedicated cycle lanes, it is far better to use a car.
  14. I think that the Blackstock road tip is the only one to takes gas canisters, but I'd ring up and check. They also take hazardous chemicals.
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