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Leaded stained glass doors and windows - anyone had them reinstated?


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Hi All,


I'm looking to replace my front door and the surrounding window with something more like the original, which would have been art-nouveau, leaded,stained glass (judging by some of the neighbouring houses).


I've searched on the internet, but all I seem to find is either double-glazing panels made to look like cheap and nasty imitations of stained glass, or people who make stained glass as art-work.


Is there anyone out there reproducing quality window and door panels in Edwardian styles? Has anyone else had this done (I can't be the only one!).



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We're having a new panel for our front door made by a woman called Denise Perry. She's done several on our street and they look really good. Her number is 07855593625. She also works for Sheffield window centre



We used Denise to re lead and repair our original leaded front door, she is very good and reasonable.


Did such a good job a neighbour used her to make a replica of ours, again she did a brilliant job.

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Try Natasha sorrel. She just did a lovely bit of work for us at Walkley community centre.



Hello All, thought I'd give you an update.


I commissioned Natasha to design and make our stained glass and we've had it fitted now. It looks brilliant - such an improvement on what was there before, the house has got its mojo back! I had a vague idea of the type of design and colours I wanted, but she somehow managed to translate these into reality. Really, really pleased.

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