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Chico the cat, lived in tesco car park over a year


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Chico was picked up a couple of weeks ago in a sad state, spotted crying for food under a trolley in Tesco car park, Mexborough. The staff said he had been there since last spring.

He spent a couple of days at the vets being cleaned up and is now in foster.

I'll post a photo shortly, white and ginger, looks like a 2 year old but thought to be around 5. Not the best looking cat at the moment but will be once he's filled out.

He is a very loving cat one minute, then tries to bite fingers the next, not in a bad way, just wants to play. Gets on well with other cats which is surprising when it's obvious he's had to compete with other cats for food. Looking at the size of him when he came into Rain, he hadn't been very successful.

Neutered, microchipped, wormed and flead, Chico would love a home where he could do his own thing, chill when he wants and play when not chilling. A home with no young children but one with a garden.

This cat has had a bad year, and deserves a new start in life.

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Aww we fostered a gorgeous ginger tabby who had been found running round a supermarket capark. No id and no one claimed him: it was even possible he had come in from farther afield on a delivery wagon. He now has a lovely home, bless him. Hope this boy touches someone's heart too

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Loads of cats find their way to supermarkets car park. I have 8 of them! They must think there's a source of food available, not so!

A little kitten got caught in this particular supermarket's car wash brushes last year. Thankfully he survived and was rehomed to a member of staff, but there were so many kittens not so fortunate. Supermarket car parks can be dangerous places for cats.

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