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Sunset pics from various places


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Expat owl: love the clouds.. but then I am a cloud junkie in photographs..

def needs a little straightening, easily done in simple programs, windows live gallery is magic and does most the work for you :)


Jediw: Im no expert, but these look suspiciously like what my camera on my phone would do... if took with a camera, don't be afraid to do be a editing, or be brutal & just post your best pictures. A bit of curves brings out the best in your pics..

I like to make some of my sunset pics HD, but be careful as can make them look too over processed.


here's mine.

Like i said lol, I'm no pro..i'm VERY new to this photography lark & sadly haven't taken any pics in quite a few months due to ill health. Poor camera.. :(



First Light of Many by SmallTownGirll, on Flickr

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oops! replied to just expat owls posted pic.
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