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  1. for wildlife photography within your budget I would be looking at something like nikon D7000/7100 + Tamron 150-600mm VC USD lens. Crop factor of DX camera would make that lens to appear as 225-900mm. So it's some decent reach.
  2. Hello, could not find recent thread about the auctions (some threads dated back nearly 10 years) My question is which local auction places you know? Some like RightMove, MarkJenkinson are obvious, but is there anymore decent auctioneers? Looking to buy in Sheffield ideally. thank you Andy
  3. wouldn't it be easier get 27" imac? or it needs to be portable? great size screen easier to edit tracks etc... i tried it on my 13" and tried on mates 15" it's just too small.
  4. if its same as photoshop cs, usually ctrl+d clears the selection
  5. Michael, so you have been off work for 6 weeks and decided to be a designer or you have experience in it already? Not sure what mobile responsiveness you can offer to your clients if your own website not ready for that? Probably good idea to inform your potential clients what sort of websites you offer (static, CMS, E-commerce etc.) ? also what Smithy266 said. good luck in your new venture
  6. results in photos will be same. its just cheaper ones won't last long. if you do photos outdoors you might better be with bigger reflectors. something at least 100cm x 150cm, but best 150cm x 200cm
  7. Old Queens Head next to bus station is great place to go with a dogs Staff offering bowl with water and sometimes even some left overs like steak My dog loves it there
  8. http://www.smokingarlic.com it will give you some ideas
  9. Conact Susan at http://www.suescatsitting.co.uk/ she might me able to help you out (depends when you going on holidays)
  10. Sadly you are not in the Treeton as we have http://blissinternet.co.uk/ which is fibre over wireless. No telephone needed and great download and upload speeds (upload speeds 1:1 too!)
  11. these days too many "wedding photographers" who buys dslr camera with kit lens and think they photographers think about costs involved to get proper gear for wedding photography (2 or even 3 full frame cameras, several lenses, flashes, insurance and more) for portrait photography you need a lot less, BUT you may need to have a studio (so it will be rent every month) Also you will need studio lights. But you only need one camera and one/two lenses (to start off)
  12. Hi, what sort of photography you think doing?
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