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  1. if it viola ring them as there wagons are on tracker and all cabs have cctv they can see who was where
  2. drivers get paid more and i will ring viola but i thought id ask here case anyone knew of any jobs i dont want agency as there not reliable and use that stupid umberella scheme
  3. anyone know if viola are taking on class 2 bin wagon drivers i have a class 2 currently live in donny but lived sheffield and know the streets better
  4. Im gona vote BMP least they say it how it is
  5. Should excute the scum we have the more painful the better why are people complaining its one less scum in the world
  6. Look at the last 20 years you went to a school and 99% were english kids now i bet 30% are british kids i know one school has 20 different languages spoken and i bet in the next 20 years the english people will be a minority. Close the boarders send the ones that dont belong here back where they belong stop the benifits there gettin and give it to the people that have contributed into the system over the tears and fell on hard times. About time the britidh government opened there eyes and saw how the UK people are really living and trying to make ends meet on a weekly basis
  7. Some are highly qualified but 99% just come here for the benifits the UK freely give out to them. Its annoying how we pay into the system and when we need it you get you cant claim this and that and you need somethin else ect. Yet the Romanians come here claim for kids that dont live here housing benifit free health care job seekers and anythin else they can get. I also know some houses are set aside for refugees and UK people needing a home cant get them because there set aside laying empty
  8. its the truth and i say it as it is, British people pay there taxes all there lifes and then for that lot to claim it and when we need help its there is no money we cant help. Or when somethin happens we speak no english but know how to say give me benefits thats why i come here
  9. Why should we take in anymore refugees look at the history we took in bosnian refugees most were pick pockets criminals and scroats and scrubbers that never went back claimed our benifits free housing ect. Now romaninans who bring there way of life by wrecking communities lowering the areas they go to and bringing the areas down and claiming our taxes and benifits. None of these were wanted and should never have been allowed to come here and the whole lot of them need to be removed on a 1 way ticket and told not to return and then charge there governments for the benifits they recived
  10. For sale Exo terra with hood / light 45cm by 60cm 50 pound
  11. For sale exo terra terranium with hood ideal for crested geckos and tokays ect 18x24 £50 ---------- Post added 09-04-2014 at 14:20 ---------- still for sale
  12. they bin there a few days foreign ***** i think and dout they have permission to be there
  13. I have an interview at holbrook depot on tuesday just wandered what stagecoach are like to work for
  14. i have a lge terrarium for sale incuding light looking for 50 pound
  15. pagehall is a crap hole ever since the roma scrubbers and slovacs turned up. All the decent people have left or about to leave as we are fed up of that lot treating the area like they own it. The landlords should boot them all out and start renting there property's out to people with a bit of self respect. The slovacs and roma are dirty lay abouts who just collect there benifits scream up and down the streets what they call singing drive un insured cars play music till all hours hanging about on corners intimidating people. No wander people are leaving the area
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