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  1. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of the dishes you cook, the reception to the book has been great so far. Cheers, Paul.
  2. Yep... Get all the food hygiene info you need from http://www.scoresonthedoors.org.uk/council/sheffield-city-council KPC gets a 1 out of 5.
  3. They know about it ... http://m.northernpowergrid.com/powercuts/index.cfm?som_event=serviceinterruption:search.doSubmit&&som_qualifier=metatags#/powercuts/index.cfm Might be some time though, seems to cover a large area.
  4. Is there a tutorial or explanation on how you did this? Very impressive. P.
  5. Seen a few GoalSoul tops and shirts in the past - they're really nice, look great and the quality seemed superb.
  6. Rumour has it the new Nokia Lumia 900 is the phone to beat (when its released) http://www.nokia.com/gb-en/products/phone/lumia900/ I have an iPhone - love it - does everything very well.
  7. To be fair you're only getting £8.01 worth of fuel, the other £12 is tax!
  8. Sheffield Charity Aspire sell used computers. You could try them, they are on Parson Cross somewhere: http://www.aspire-sheffield.co.uk/
  9. If yours is a standard house of the area then your house was built between 1928-1931.
  10. I'll give it a chance. Can't really judge on what I've seen so far.
  11. Post the image and show us ... sounds good.
  12. Thank you all for your feedback. I agree in that they are overcooked and the graphic designer in me needs to dial it back a notch. I'm happy with the lens flair, even though technically a flaw I feel it adds an interest point, and there aren't many of those at the top of Woodhead. As always thanks all for your feedback and viewing.
  13. HDR Peaks Woodhead Pass looking towards Emley Moor by PaulDCocker, on Flickr HDR Road in the Peaks by PaulDCocker, on Flickr HDR Peaks by PaulDCocker, on Flickr
  14. Well thank you. Still at RMC and still enjoying it. Think your wife used to work in the same building as me as I often saw your black car park in the car park. Hope everything is well with you. P.
  15. Like being back in the 70s, no computer, no sky ... Well apart from the iPad!
  16. Incredible here, the loudest I've heard thunder since being a kid.
  17. Anyone else in S36 without power after this lightning storm or have I blown something? Fuses look OK.
  18. Jess image is a nice snap, a little soft on the contrast for my taste, is there a better crop there maybe? Love the tram shot. Like the star filter on the lights great to play with and the movement is great. Bee shot is nice and crisp - composition is a little uninspiring as there is not really a focal point, maybe experiment with a few crops. Overall, I like them, all nice and sharp and a good starting point.
  19. This is either 1985 or 1991 based on the facts we have above, I would most likely say 1991 as Blodwyn Pig didn't really do a lot in the 80s.
  20. I asked my GP to put two on my prescription and they did, so it works out half the price - alternatively get a pre-payment card at around £10 per month and then if you have other medicines it's a lot cheaper, or if you use two a month you instantly make a saving.
  21. We just might, like most, depends on the weather.
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