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Milk delivery canvassers Woodseats


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I've just had someone knock on the door saying they are trying to get people to sign up to get there milk delivered to save jobs at the diary(cant remember which one)So I thought I would give it a try but thinking about it after I dont even know what dairy its from.He gave me no details at all and I dont even know how much they are going to deliver.I've not been well and had nodded off to sleep when they knocked on the door so I was half asleep and now I'm thinking S**t What have I signed up for?

Does anyone have any idea who they are?Its in Woodseats area.


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Oh for the days when we had dairies delivering in the local area, first the dairy which used to be on Hemsworth road opposite Graves Park.This one had the electric milk floats I can just imagine the complaints on here about being stuck behind them as they crawled their way back up Scarsdale road and then up Derbyshire Lane.


Then the Co-Op dairy which used to be on Archer road, they used to deliver every day, I remember buying the "milk tokens" from the local Co-Op.The tokens were used instead of leaving cash out with your empties.


Any one else have any memories of either dairy.

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Any one else have any memories of either dairy.


many memories of archer road.... worked as a milkie for 7 years or so. :)


Started off with the HUGE old van with the bi-fold doors & a crash gearbox !!! 4 mpg didnt help either :o


I was also the 1st milkie to try out the 'busy bee' ....... a reliant robin based float painted black & yellow, & actually shaped like a bee !! :loopy: good fun to drive until it came to cornering :help:





can anyone remember the 'date' letters used on the tops of bottles?

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