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  1. Yay its come now!Never had a delivery from Royal mail this late and don't know what happened the first time I arranged a redelivery but at least it's here now.Better late than never.
  2. I know but I can't get down there before 12.Thanks for trying to help though
  3. The postman tried to deliver a parcel to me on the 13th but I wasn't in so I arranged for a redelivery which was supposed to come on Saturday 17th.It didn't so I tried ringing woodseats sorting office but either its engaged or a message comes on saying "No one can take your call and you cannot leave a message"I kept trying through the week at all different times but it's always the same.So I arranged another redelivery online which should have come today but again it hasn't so I just wondered if anyone is aware of any problems with that delivery office or if anyone knows of a different contact number besides the 2551175 oneThanks
  4. Hi Has anyone been to the new pottery painting shop Budding Picasso on Chesterfield Road?Just wondered if anyone could tell me what the prices are like and if it's any good? Thanks
  5. I'm sure my postie has a three day weekend as we never seem to get post on a Monday.Even if its something that was posted Friday.My post usually comes between 1-3.30pm depending who it is as a few different ones deliver on our road but that doesn't really bother me.Ive had parcels left outside and no card left telling me they were there.And once a got a parcel that actually had a cigarette burn through it which had gone through to the clothing inside.Really though that's only a few problems out of the hundreds of times they have delivered to me.So I'm pretty happy on the whole.
  6. Hi does anyone know if Graves park still sell rabbits and if they have any at the moment?Thanks
  7. Thanks.That's just round the corner so That's great. Does anyone have any idea how much it cost and if its paid weekly? Thanks
  8. Hi I'm looking for a Brownies group for my 9 year old daughter and a beavers group for my 7 year old son.Does anyone know if there are any in the s8 area? Preferably Woodseats?Thanks
  9. No its not Milk and more they don't deliver to my area.Thanks anyway:) I will let you know Sarah if I find out.
  10. I've just had someone knock on the door saying they are trying to get people to sign up to get there milk delivered to save jobs at the diary(cant remember which one)So I thought I would give it a try but thinking about it after I dont even know what dairy its from.He gave me no details at all and I dont even know how much they are going to deliver.I've not been well and had nodded off to sleep when they knocked on the door so I was half asleep and now I'm thinking S**t What have I signed up for? Does anyone have any idea who they are?Its in Woodseats area. Thanks
  11. Does anyone know if Spar on Abbey lane Woodseats is open and what time it shuts if it is? Thanks
  12. Hi can anyone recommend a good hairdresser than can cut curly hair?Preferably in the s8 area?My 8 yr old daughter has really curly hair and I am yet to find a stylist that can cut it properly.They all say they can but then wet it and hack the bottom off like they would straight hair.Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated:)Thanks
  13. Hi can anyone recommend a good place to buy used laptops?Or cheap ones?I need two,one for each of my kids for Christmas.My budget is £150 for each one and need to be either XP or Windows7 and capable of streaming videos.I live in S8 in the south of Sheffield and I don't drive so anywhere round there or city center would be great.thanks:)
  14. :clap::clap:Thanks Irenewilde.I think you just said what everyone else was thinking.It unbelievable that grown people act like this!My eight year old shows more maturity.
  15. Thanks Muddycoffee for letting us know.I wondered if it might be something on the road when I saw streetforce putting sand down.Glad you're OK and no one was hurt:)
  16. Anyone know whats happened on Fraser?The police are there, the end of our road is blocked off with police tape and all the traffic is being diverted and just seen council van chucking grit or sand in the road:confused:
  17. Thanks everyone someone is picking them up later.
  18. Hi leeby Its really knackard its been outside for about 2 years.But if you still want it let me know and I'll pm you.
  19. Anyone know how I can get rid of two kids and one adult bike?They need binning but I dont drive so cant take them anywhere.Are there any services that collect stuff for free?I also have a lawnmower that I need gone.It still works but I just need it out the way. Thanks
  20. Same here we had to carry everything around and I went to Meadowhead school when it was still two buildings so we had to carry it up and down the field between periods.I used to hate doing that in winter.Tight b******s could have forked out for a shuttle. As for school dinners I dont think they look that bad anymore they have some good stuff. Here is the primary school menu have a look its not that bad I dont think. http://www.woodseatsprimaryschool.org.uk/news/documents/ParentalFlyerSINGLEApril2010.pdf
  21. I live just off fraser rd.Been here about 7 years now and we love it.Its nice and quiet but close enough to all the shops and everything and everyone is friendly.Also if you have kids like me,a lot of them go and play on the grass bank at the bottom of fraser.Mine always want to go join in but they are still a bit too young to go out alone.Also good walking distance from both schools. I would definitely recommend it its a good place to live.
  22. We have just had a collection today after there being green bags up and down the road for weeks.
  23. I think its only the new claims and crisis loan numbers that are free and all the others are 0845 numbers so charged at local rate from a landline???? I could be wrong
  24. I have someone who often comes to borrow my land line as calling them from a mobile is so expensive and he asks for call back but it just depends who answers as some of them say "ooh no we're not allowed to do that!" but then others do it no problem. Another thing is you start getting charged before anyone even answers your call because a recorded message comes on first or often you're left in a call que which again because of the recorded message your charged for.It really is ridiculous.The guy who uses my phone has epilepsy and he's constantly having to ring them as they are always failing to give him the benefit on time if at all.The system is absolutely rubbish from what I've seen.
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