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  1. It is on the Corner of Derbyshire lane and Norton Lees road, it was filmed over a couple of months last summer.
  2. I was walking the dog in the park yesterday evening and was chatting to the two security guards who were patrolling around the animal farm, they told me they were there until 6.00am today. However welcome it's a sad state of affairs when we need security guards in Graves Park.
  3. When Heeley bridge was rebuilt in the year 2000, it was rebuilt (on the cheap?) with only 2 lanes of traffic, there are three over head gantrys, (which are still there) two near Ponsfords before the bridge and one just after the bridge, these haven't been used in years.
  4. It's going to be a bathroom showroom, H2O bathroom solutions are moving there.
  5. It's probably been mentioned before but the Manchester Airport eastern link road is open, it runs from the A6 at High lane straight through to the airport and at that time in the morning it's the quickest route.
  6. Drivers in Sheffield don't use bus lanes when they are entitled to, there is a bus lane from near the Homebase on Chesterfield road all the way down to Heeley bridge that only operates for 4 1/2 hours a day Mon-Fri, outside of these hours no one hardly drives in it.
  7. I quite like the one just past Fox house on the road to Hathersage on the A6187
  8. You can get email notification on The trainline.com when advanced fares are on sale. Simple enoughto register and sign up.
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