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  1. More like 400,000, but I'll let you off http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm?issn=0002-2667&volume=35&issue=12&articleid=1681109&show=html
  2. Just the way it is I'm afraid. The figures I have seen (but won't link as they aren't credible enough) are 8,000 employed compared to 45,000 in the 70's. Forgemasters deserves a lot of credit for their own staff to buy the company out and invest in R&D. They are reaping the benefits.
  3. Great article about Forgemasters if you're interested http://www.dinningtontoday.co.uk/lifestyle/features/giant_of_the_steel_industry_is_still_showing_its_mettle_1_3789670
  4. Regarding whether Sheffield produces more steel than ever before, I am having trouble finding any decent links. I have seen a figure quoting 500,000 tonnes a year now being produced. Now predominately focusing on more specialised stuff. It's a waste of time produces plain steel as China and India have that end covered. "The steel industry now concentrates on more specialist steel-making and, despite appearances, currently produces more steel per year than at any other time in its history." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Sheffield#cite_note-1 Sadly, the link from this quote onwards is now dead. But it does make sense that it could produces more than ever as a lot of it is mechanised these days to a larger extent. It needs to, in order to compete with the Far East.
  5. @biggsy I do recall the gov pulled the loan, but let's face it, any new government was going to do that as Labour was just plying for votes before the election. I thought though that it was re-instated much later by Clegg? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-15521707 If Japan Steel is the only other company in the world that can do them, it seems like a good company. But alas, with the Nuclear disaster that nearly happened in Japan with the tsunami, there does seem to be a disliking to nuclear power now anyway...
  6. Biggsy, great photos. Is it Forgemasters you work for? What the heck is the big UFO like thing? Are you doing the work for the nuclear power pressure vessels? @Malony111, I hope you're just being sarcastic.
  7. It's not extremely local, but it is a house ale at the Kelham Island Tavern, Pictish Brewery - Brewers Gold.
  8. http://www.milkandmore.co.uk are the big guys these days for deliveries. They are Dairy Crest.
  9. Hehe :hihi:very giggle worthy that this person posting has only posted three times in this month they have joined, and all three are plugging the same place. Coincidence? You decide...
  10. Michael, The fact of the matter is, that it is marketing at its finest. That in itself is not a derogatory comment but states that the restaurantr has been cleverly branded up. IMO this particular brand has an expensive menu attached to a quality of food that does not justify it. As for the little guys, a lot of them get their blend right. We only have to look at the Milestone to see that.
  11. It's just a rebranding exercise from M&B - the pubco chains that owns HaHa and Browns brands... who also owns Toby Carveries, All BAr One, Neills etc. Marketing at its finest.
  12. It's like going back to the 80's in that place!
  13. Taxman... I've had similar experiences, so you're not alone. But the desserts have always been a let down for me really.
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