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Which Flea product is the best?


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There are some others which include fipronil in the same doses as Frontline but cost less- Effipro and Fiprospot are a couple of the names to look for. However, although I've seen some good results with Effipro I can't say categorically that the results are as good as Frontline because in my cats they've been used to prevent fleas rather than to kill an infestation.


The other thing to bear in mind is that fleas can and do get resistant to flea treatments, so there's always a possibility that you may at some point in the future need a different chemical. If fipronil didn't do the job the next brand I'd look at is Advantage, which contains imidacloprid, which is very effective but which you do have to be careful around all insects (including plants which are fertilised by bees and the like) because of its spectrum of action.

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