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  1. Brilliant quick response she's searched both and its definitely Containment. Thank you. She's set a reminder for it now
  2. My daughter started watching a series last week. But doesn't remember what it was called. Basically it was some kind of epidemic that was spreading from person to person. At the end of the episode they had quarantined the people using shipping containers. I have no idea what she is talking about but am hopeful someone on here will know it. Thank you for reading
  3. Reason for Rehome / Sale Dogs don't like it Time Scale – How Urgent? When suitable new home found Sale Amount free Location S2 Age & Sex 16 months old & male. Breed/ Mix. Reptile. Approximate size now and full grown size. 9 - 10 inches Viv included Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues. None. Temperament/Any handling issues. Hit and miss Beginners reptile, moderate or experienced only. Beginners. Easy to feed. Yes. Live/dead food. Live food. herbivore/omnivore/carnivore/insectivore. - omnivore Good or Bad with Children. Good. Dislike of Men or Women. No. Destructive Behaviour. N/A General information that you can share _______ Chronicles and his viv are looking for a new home, he doesn't get much chance to come out due to both dogs not liking him. He has been handled by many people in the family but has bitten 2 of the same people on different occasions, not sure if this is due to the dogs being around at the same time. He was bought last January for my nieces birthday but she is too frightened to hold him since he snapped at her. I am advertising him on behalf of my brother so please PM me if you need further info. He doesn't want anything for him or his belongings and can be collected any time from S2 lower East Bank Road area. _______
  4. Ours have been going there for 12 yrs and we have never had any problems, they were brilliant with our oldest 2 dogs giving them their medication, who have sadly now passed away, but we will be taking our little one in as usual this year.
  5. Property Offered Area: Norfolk Park, S2 Type of Property: 1st floor flat (ground floor) Number of Bedrooms: 2 bedroom Landlord: Places for people Any other information: Disabled equiped, wash room, 2 bedroom, intercom system to access flats, integrated oven, hob, space for washer/dryer, fridge and freezer. open plan kitchen and living room. Lovely warm home, fantastic views across the city. Property Wanted Area: S2, lower arbourthorne. Type of Property: Bungalow Number of Bedrooms: 2 Landlord: (Council / HA) either Any other information: Preferably disabled equiped but not essential as family will make adjustments. Please. PM
  6. Kelham Island Museum is on facebook with photos taken from their Christmas markets you might find her or recognise her on them
  7. We had our staffy/bull mix for 12 years and when she got to around 7 people stopped walking past her, or they would pick up their dog if she wasn't on her lead, we ended up having to keep her on the lead. We have an old GSD people used to avoid her when she was younger but now they can see she's old and slow they have time for her. We also have a papillon/yorkie she's smaller than a cat but I try and keep her away from other dogs because she snaps and would bite them. I always warn the owner of the other dog.
  8. Brilliant scheme, I was given a £40 off voucher from dogs trust last year for my youngest dog when my vet suggested calling them. I know last month they were doing lurchers because while I was in the vet's waiting room a couple were being collected.
  9. http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/ENCTSSeniorCitizenInfo/
  10. I love GSDs they have always been my favourite dogs. Ours is 13 now and vet says is on borrowed time due to the nerves in her back legs and hips going. We have a huge decision to make soon about her, which I am dreading. I always used to say while they were growing up once they have gone I would love to look after older rescue dogs, so they don't have to spend their last few years in a kennel. But after losing our staffy x bull in 2013 I wouldn't consider ever having another one. And now we're about to lose our old lass. We will just have the 5 year old one then, but she doesn't get on with other dogs if she's 1 -1. Good luck in finding forever homes for them. Kara is a beauty she is my favourite
  11. A yapping 5 year old yorkillon ( Dad full papillon, mum mini yorkie x chihuahua ) An old GSD whose on her last legs bless her. Lost our staffie x bull 2013 due to ill health.
  12. Thank you so much for info. It's extremely rare of me to be out and about before 9.30am. The only time that happens is if I have hospital or Doctors appointments.
  13. Are they for babies, children or adults?
  14. It's a disability with carers one. I had no idea I could have been issued with one 7 years ago. ---------- Post added 14-01-2015 at 13:13 ---------- Thank you.
  15. None of the big stores with market streets are closing. None of the convenience outlets are closing. The 10 closures are the stores that don't have the capacity to add the market streets but are also too big to be classed as convenience. Any redundancies will be voluntary initially, the others were possible will be offered jobs elsewhere. ---------- Post added 14-01-2015 at 13:08 ---------- True. The idea of supermarkets were set up so you could do all your shopping in one place and not visit multiple shops.
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