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  1. Just to update - the cars weren't there this morning when I went past so a visit from parking services may have done the trick, it will be interesting to see if they return to the road next week.
  2. There were no parking cones on both sides of Handsworth Road around there this morning and a parking services van parked up looking at these cars. I only hope they have been given tickets as they cause a real distruption to the traffic flow, we'll see if they are stil there tomorrow.....
  3. Went up to Wincobank Common this afternoon, loads going off inc a beer tent, a music stage, stalls and a big screen, same tomorrow, great atmosphere but they're expecting thousands so it's gonna be busy:o
  4. Just to let you know, went to sell at Twin Oakes today, going by the info on the first page, we arrived at 12.10pm expecting to pay £8 but it is now actually £11. We were the last car to arrive and set up and it looked as though it had been open a while as the admission gates were open and loads of people were already in. We had a good day though and sold most of what we took :-)
  5. Happy to report he was tracked down, bumped into him at the premiere last night
  6. I'm needing to hire a bit of scaffolding to go over a porch so we can reach the wall above it, can anyone recommend someone who will come and erect it aswell? Thanks.
  7. I got my tickets yesterday just after 9am when they went on sale to the fan club, which I signed up to 2 mins beforehand
  8. The first thing they have put up is the McDonalds sign and there is a banner saying 'Opening Soon'
  9. I bought a tool off ebay to do mine, cost about £2
  10. WOW! We went to the panto last night but only paid £2.70 in a car park opposite the cheesegrater If you do park in the cheesegrater you can get a discount card from the Lyceum reception.
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