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  1. Hello I have an iPhone 5 and wondered if there was any way I could somehow connect my phone to my TV to watch films if for example I was to subscribe to Netflix on my iPhone?? My TV has a HDMI socket if that's needed? I don't have broadband and I'm not wanting to get it. Thanks x
  2. Thanks for your advice. I never thought about all those little places. I best get looking into getting something to get rid!! X
  3. She doesn't have a bed, tried never used it. The only carpet in the house is on the stairs, she mainly sleeps on the leather sofa or on the dining room chair which is also leather. It's so frustrating and making me feel dirty and my poor cat! She does have an outdoor cat box which at night she sometimes sleeps in, I put towels etc in there to try and keep her warm. X ---------- Post added 09-02-2014 at 18:24 ---------- I also have a 6 month old and a little worried about doing the whole house x
  4. Hello I have a cat and having a problem with fleas. I use frontline regular and looking through her fur I can see she has fleas. There's not loads only a few when I'm looking through her fur but that's not the point I don't want any!! She's a white cat so I can clearly see them. I bathed her yesterday and used a flea comb and found approx 7. She also has a flea collar on. I don't want to keep using frontline as it doesn't seem to be working, what advise do people have? What products do people use that seem to work? Thanks x
  5. Thanks for your replies, i don;t know what to do at all. I really don't want to let them go. House rabbits is not an option i'm afraid. Thanks everyone
  6. Unfortunately i can't add a run at the bottom as i won't be able to open the door. Thanks!
  7. Hi I have 2 rabbits (Dwarf Lop). At the moment they live on my balcony just run free and have a double hutch that is always open for them to go in and out as they please. BUT....they are eating the seals etc around the doors and need to get them in a contained area where they can't cause any more damage. I dont have a garden now otherwise it wouldn't be a problem. I have measured the balcony and i can fit a hutch that is 5 foot long and 2 foot wide. Is this enough space for them to both live in this permanently? It can't be any bigger as the door won't be able to open. Any advice would be great, thanks! xxx
  8. Yeah I've seen that but I can't make this Sunday which is a shame. Thanks hopefully I'll be able to find out x
  9. Hello DOes anyone know if I can get my cat micro chipped at my home. DOes anyone do this? Thanks
  10. Over the last few weeks some people have been stealing mobile phones whilst people are eating in Meadowhall. Its taken a while but the main guy has finally being caught in the act today and ha been arrested. About time but this is great news!
  11. Thank you so much for all of this. She's only a small cat, i would say about 5 months old. I have a cat lead and she absolutly loves being outside, shes trying to get out now! Thank you so much
  12. Hello A few weeks ago i decided to take a cat off a woman who couldn't cope with her anymore and bring her to mine. She hasn't been out yet whilst at mine. However, i'm quite sure she is pregnant. Can anyone please give me advice what to do to prepare her? She will be neutered as soon as she can after she has given birth. I'm very new to this and i don't know what to expect. How many do they usually have per litter? How long are they pregnant for? What do i do? HELP PLEASE Thanks
  13. Hello I have a cat that i brought into my home about 4 weeks ago to join me and another same sex cat (roughly the same age). She was living with her sister and brother but unfortunately had to be seperated as the owner couldn't cope. The new cat just hides under the sofa all the time, only ever comes out to eat (and reluctant at that) and use the litter tray. I've been on my hands and knees numerous of times talking and stroking when it lets me. The cat went outside at her old house but i've not felt confident enough to do this yet, i probably won't be able to even get her near the door to try her. I don't want to even think about re-homing her, i just want to know what more i can do to make her feel confident in the house. Its a quiet house too. My other cat isn't nasty or anything to her, she does sometimes sit and watch her and they have also been sitting together at times. My other cat is also very playful. This is just not what i expected when getting a new cat to join my home. Can anyone help me. I hardly ever see her and it can't be comfy sat under the sofa all the time? Thank you
  14. they are right cute names! I used to call an old pet Fizzabella!!
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