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  1. Seems S6 areas are being targeted in all areas , Sheds as well , Hopefully the scum get caught soon
  2. Asking for a friend who's been offered a flat on Deer park high rise in stannington is area is OK . what's around area for older people etc
  3. Trying to get old game to work on upgraded pc Empire earth , 2nd one seems to work fine any ideas or help
  4. for 14 million snap Utds hand off , hes 29 now i think so deffo worth selling at that price
  5. I cant understand Why The owner cant seem to balance financial books at the club , Chansiri been at the club long enough to know you have to buy and sell players in football and to also Stable the club . Im not a business man but Hes not daft is he ?
  6. Well worth a watch Credit to those that put this Together
  7. He Also said he hoped he be welcome back as a fan and to Support new owner , also what was said was on swfc page , IF not true it takes a min or 2 for SWFC to put a statement out Denying Clubs up for sale ... To my knowledge despite it being said on Sky,Calander, Radio and in paper Swfc have not said it is not true
  8. for some reason Abdi jones Hutch or Westwood not getting any football at first team or U23s level - This is very odd if for example You wanted to try sell these players in Jan window , The club Knew about FFP BACK IN april but did not tell fans until the season started . I also recall Chansiri saying - Choice of pay high Ticket price for Top players OR choice of lower ticket price to watch youngsters/u23s ?? Questions have to be asked Why hire a head manager Who was going to retire and never seen championship . Chansiri has also admitted to some mistakes but also seems to make more
  9. Im just as shocked as you , a child cant help having Mental problems But to say they should be beaten is crazy ---------- Post added 17-11-2018 at 01:22 ---------- Some Children do have Adhd and other issues and Schools like Forge valley DO HAVE things in place for this and Teachers thats trained in this field of work , Any child should not be punished for having any type of Mental Problems in this day and age ,
  10. What ? So a child has valid Adhd and other issues and to solve the problem give them a wack ?? Your saying ---------- Post added 16-11-2018 at 12:29 ---------- So the School has been Found to UNLAWFUL exclusion - and Some of you are saying basically its the childs fault ??
  11. Think fans are Stuck with Mr Chansiri and Jos and theres Nothing any unhappy owls fan can do
  12. Mr Chansiri also said Swfc have a promotion squad :hihi: In fact mr chansiri just keeps rolling out the mistakes
  13. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/education/sheffield-school-unlawfully-discriminated-against-disabled-pupil-1-9445238 I find this Shocking by the School Discriminated because The Pupil is Disabled !! This should not happen in this day and age !! As stated somebodys job should go for this
  14. Brown stated on sky That reason Westwood is not playing was because if he plays 2 more games he gets a extended contract . This sounds about right just with the Manager or someone from swfc could speak the truth to its loyal fans . Myself and many others have stopped going this season
  15. While Owls team defended well for 90 mins .This surely is still not good enough to be paying high prices at Hillsborough . A lot of questions need to be asked and Answers from The owner would be good . It seems Hutchinson Westwood Boyd Jones will be gone at end of season and maybe One of First team players to Balance the books As Owner got it wrong and this Results in my opinion Fans having to fork out For the mess with FFP . I can see Sufc being in prem before swfc is my honest opinion
  16. Feel sorry for all the issues and problems The Genuine people who live there are having and after all these years still having , There's no real solution Because the Powers Above don't seem to want to know or Ignore the problems .
  17. Shocked at anything more than a defeat But dont worry Jos has got a plan ... Waffle on about how the team lost
  18. It does seem at Least 2 of players have to be sold FFP reasons .all getting abit worrying at Swfc and some hard games coming up
  19. So after reading forums and listening to FootballHeaven most fans saying same 5 or 6 players that are fully fit been left out and not playing Games in even reserves ?? Contract issues is Most reasons thinking Behind all this , The Owner and Jos should not be hiding this and instead in my opinion added pressure put on youngsters to perform every Game , add to This Waddles Blast over Rotation of players , Formation etc etc
  20. Think fans be best saving there money and not going
  21. expected to lose and does not look very good for nxt few games on paper
  22. Cant people saying theres Traffic problems in that area i mean those that wanted the Merger school and Council said they be No problem with Traffic They cant have got this Wrong. Surely??? Build the supermarket The bigger the better is only solution in fact have some kind of mini kilner way . sports shop, Argos
  23. Think alot of Refs are put off doing Imperial lge games im told
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