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stress and anxiety problems can cause breathing issues ie slow and fast, that will in turn give you pins and needles. when you see your doctor next cant you ask to go on a well woman or man course that would tackle these problems. Remember that doctors have see it all an no problem is too small.

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When you're struggling with the panic do you breathe too hard or hyperventilate? If so then that's quite possibly the cause of the pins and needles you're experiencing.


Anxiety can cause or mimic all sorts of symptoms, from chest pain or palpitations to muscle cramps, so please do try to take a step back from any symptoms you're worrying about and let the whole thing wash over you and pass naturally. Willing them to stop and focusing on them won't make them any better though- you have to work on the anxiety instead.


Strix's recommendation to go and get some CBT is a really productive one, because the key to controlling the panic is to not allow it to get started in the first place and if it does get started to stop it progressing to a degree that it will affect your body with panic attacks, pins and needles, palpitations and the like.

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