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  1. Thats why its taken me 3 years I'll be selling most of the bits from my old one at some point 10kv Transformer Primary and secondary coil Spark Gap Toroids Capacitor bank
  2. 3 years later I'm now on my 3rd coil heres a video of the last one My new one has a 6" secondary with a 6x24" toroid, I'm way outside my comfort zone as I'm going to be using 4 Microwave transformers to power it
  3. Totally agree, took our money, no skip delivered countless phone calls and broken promises. Luckily we paid by paypal as we had to open a dispute to get our money back.
  4. Rummage sale! Come and buy cheap stuff erm cheap At The Sourcephotography studio, top floor, Nichols Building, Shalesmoor, S3 8UJ. 11 till 4, Come and grab a bargain! Hagglers welcome There is a lovely Cafe on the 1st floor and the ground floors TNB Indie arcade is wondrous place to lose yourself for a while
  5. secondary is 4 inch and stands about 30 inch,
  6. Just wondering if there are any other Tesla Coil builders in Sheffield, I'm in the middle of building one but the wife doesn't share my enthusiasm
  7. Whatever Michael, you just keep on trolling and gloitering
  8. Actually no, they were not, but thank you for adding some valuable input into the thread
  9. Thank's everyone for the private messages and replies. I have contacted Sheffield City Council's Private Sector Housing Team who were most helpful and explained a lot of things including the legal requirement for outside steps as ours is so monumentally high a few of our relatives can't even manage it
  10. 2 Months ago we gave our landlords agents a list of jobs that needed doing some just a bit niggly things like leaky sink and dribbly taps and a few that we feel were urgent like a big shard of glass sticking up from the ceramic hob from where part of the kitchen that wasn't attached fell on my head and landed on it. We had 3 different builders finally come to look round and give quotes last week and now Acom want to send round 3 more, my wife is due to give birth any day and we were wondering where we stand legally
  11. I use it a fair bit. I have different circles of friends, customers, family etc. It's a lot less annoying than faceache Gordies G+
  12. The empty bit in the co-op could be used for numerous things, art weekend showcasing local artists, mini indoor market, skills workshop.
  13. Glad you're all well We only have 7 weeks left till our first one enters the world
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