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Hard to see racism if you're white?

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But had you been born in the 1918 and had you - in the 1940's - owned a black labrador dog called n****r and had they made a film about you, then when they remade the film, your dog would have been called 'Digger' - 'because we want to ensure historical accuracy'.:hihi::hihi:


You can read about it 'in the Court of Public Opinion' (Download the Spring 2011 Edition of the magazine; the article is on pages 11&12)

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Had I been black, which I'm not, my last post would be deemed acceptable.


Go figure.


A black person can refer to a black associate as a n####r as they are black themselves and it won't be deemed racist as they are associates, a white person on the other hand can't.

A white man can refer to a white associate as a white c##t as he is white himself and it won't be deemed racist as they are associates, an ethnic person can't.

I't is all about wether the context it is used in was an offensive one and yes racism isn't only commited by white people.

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Whats your thoughts on this?




Personaly i think it sends out the wrong message because as we all know its not just white people who can have a problem with skin colour.


Talking of sending out messages, what an odd Christian neo-Nazi Youtube channel you've found there.


I was especially intrigued by RE: Norway and the Reichstag fire - Ramzpaul where Prothink2 publicises his Christogenea.org website that has this doozie on it


The Mein Kampf project at Christogenea.org


Christogenea has a website which aims to set the truth straight concerning Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, and World War II, because we are sick and tired of all of the established lies and phony conspiracy theories!

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