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  1. Hi, I'm willing to take a chance on you, whatsapp me on : 07846799123. ivanremovals.co.uk Cheers Ivan
  2. You are right; people shouldn’t judge this Mum because she’s losing her fight, the battle of addiction can be overwhelming.
  3. IVAN Removals offers a courteous and professional removals service for home, office and commercial customers, in Sheffield and throughout South Yorkshire.
  4. The police might help stop this happening again to a vulnerable Nannan. Report it never know what the CCTVs in the Ridgeway area have captured plus the people in the area should know when the fish man comes. In our area we have a mobile van shop that goes up and down the streets sounding the horn……, everyone in the area knows this van and its driver.
  5. Give Nigel a call on 07931642656 or visit his webpage http://www.sheffieldwebforge.co.uk/ he will look after.
  6. Listen to your conscious; if something is wrong you will feel guilty believe me. You did the right thing to post your feelings on here. That was an act of corruption through bribery. This can cost you more than £300 if you are found out its worse than drink driving.
  7. I love the forum because of the humour on here, its a good place to pass time reading odd stories.
  8. Very sad ... R.I.P Sally and thoughts with her family and friends
  9. You're better off buying second hand phones from cex.co.uk‎, they have branches in most cities.
  10. Thanks to all, I had the same problem but now sorted out by Firefox. I love this forum.:hihi:
  11. The time routine is a smashing idea, I am going to try it with our 2yr old. Her sleeping partner isn't consistent these days, when she wakes up the entire house will be up. She will ask for breakfast at midnight, shuts nappy change yet its nice and dry, shoes on, coat on, TV, anything that she will think of she will have a go at it in a nagging screamy crying tone. She will go: shoezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, cbbiszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. There is a New Dentist taking on new NHS patients on City road just opposite the traffic lights.
  13. I think its a BBC production based on the equipment they where using, its a good feeling to produce a film in a place you know.
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