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  1. I'm looking for pub with a venue room or something similar for an art event. Preferably town centre. We will be exhibiting urban art and possibly live art as well as live DJ's. If anybody know of any that would be great. Looking at possibly next month
  2. I'm holding an event on the 26th April (Saturday)Town Center 5:00pm - 2:00am There will be a variety of acts including, Rappers/M.C's and more. As well as D.J's Playing a wide genre of music. As well as live art and more. I'm looking for female/ male solo singers/ acoustic ect. We're basically after a mixture. Unfortunately this is unpaid since this is just our first event but may be paid in future events, However we're happy if you bring along mixtapes/albums ect to sell on the night. And we can sort a few drinks out . If your interested in this could you please get back to me as soon as possible/ Message me. And i'll be happy to give more details i.e location ect. Please Only Contact me If yo are truly interested as i'm on a tight schedule to get things ready. Thanks
  3. I've been into photography a good few month now and really enjoy it. The sort of photography i'm into is urbex, Old factory's/Buildings. Street Art as well as wildlife. I was just wondering if there was anyone age between 20-25 similar age to me, who would fancy meeting up maybe a small group and going out to places with cameras. Would be nice to meet new people around my age with same interest.
  4. Hi, sorry I know this is an old thread but thought id save making a new one. I'm interested in starting photography and wondered what people recommend as the best camera to start of with. Like above I've been recommended the Nikon D5000. I'm not wanting to spend a fortune on one but I do appreciate good cameras cost. As I put I'm a complete beginner to this. I know the sort of photos I'm wanting to take if that helps. Mainly black and white/ Some night shots/ and also light exposure. I also like editing photos like changing color and effect ect. Hope this helps. Any advice and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  5. Does anybody know of any course that teaches you how to dj, or are there any dj's on here who would be willing to teach? Im aware of redtape studios But the course is £400 and also too late to join as it started in january. Any info or help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Just wondering is there anyone on here who can give me some advice on doing an art course at college and possibly leading onto university. Basically im 21 and currently unemployed. And with the recession and all the other problems at the minute its difficult to find a job. I have always been passionate about doing art all way through school and even now im still doing it. I did want to become a tattoo artist but its difficult to get an apprenticeship in this. The only thing thats putting me of college slightly is my age. I dont want to feel like the oldest one in the class. And also I dont want to persue this and feel in the end as if its been a waist. I want to do this to not only learn new skills in art but also to meet new people.
  7. Hi slightly of subject on what your looking for, but Im a Graffiti Mural Artist if your after the walls painting Gruffalo theme My website is http://www.canz-graffiti.co.uk If your intertested
  8. Hi, yes I rang the school up and they said they dont keep the certificates and that i would have to contact AQA so after a few phone calls I ended up getting told to go on a website where I can apply for my certificates but it takes me back to what i was saying about 25 quid each, I could understand if I had lost them but i never got them in the first place
  9. Does anybody know how I can find out my gcse results without having to pay for them. I left school a few years ago but unfortunatley when the time came to collect your certificates i was away and i never got the chance to collect them, also never needed them as i already had a job as soon as i left school. I know the website and numbers ect to apply for my certificates, But its 25 quid for each result. I dont need the certificates just want to know what i got so i can put them in my c.v Thanks.
  10. Thanks, WallBuilder. I already know about that place, was just looking for some other places.
  11. HaHa, I was expecting that. .. (No I only do Mural work.) This is for an Art project at college im doing About Urban decay and derolict buildings ect. I need photos of old run down buildings ect.. and just wonderd if anyone knew of any
  12. Hi, Im Doing a project at college and im looking for some empty buildings/Factory's In sheffield where I can go and take photos. Does anyone know of any? Would really appreciate it, Thanks.
  13. Does anybody know of any events this new years eve that will be having fireworks?
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