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  1. good quality mince, cubed pancetta, onion, carrot, peppers - fry all these in the yummy bacon fat produced by the pancetta courgette, mushrooms, couple of oxo cubes (cheating i know!), chopped toms or passata, tommy puree, salt, pepper, fresh garlic, touch of paprika, glug of red wine simmer for a couple of hours, then i always add a beaten egg before serving, makes it thick and yummy but i agree, there are so many ways of making a good ragu, the fun is finding and adapting a recipe to your own tastes! the egg trick is a yummy tip i picked up from an italian friend who insists putting an egg in just about everything!!
  2. excellent info there! love the old stories and memories, hoping i can build a picture right from being just outside the castle walls to where we are today but then that may take me an incy bit of time! cheers
  3. Hey, I work at Ponds Forge and was really interested in its proximity to the castle, and was thinking about researching the history of the land. Now I know about the "hall in the ponds" aka the old queens head pub, but just wondered if anyone had any interesting information or facts for me? I see myself sitting in the archives for quite some time this year!! thanks!!
  4. Hey guys, I've organised a race night at my local for the most worthy charity... Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Over the years it has been flying it has saved the lives of thousands of people, a few of my friends included. Please come along if you haven't got anything planned, we have a great laugh at these events and it would be lovely to see you "A Night at the Races" in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance Saturday 24th October 2009 from 8pm Blue Ball Inn, Main Road, Wharncliffe Side, Sheffield S35 0DQ If you fancy a run out, why not pop into the Blue Ball earlier and enjoy a delicious meal before "starters orders"? Looking forward to seeing you all there!!! Thanks chaps xx
  5. Strada on St Pauls... 2for1 offer linky... http://www.stradaoffers.co.uk/ edit... doh!!! just realised its only sun to thurs!!! ah well, it is nice!!!
  6. naylor, if you were made redundant then you should qualify for aid from the jobcentre for retraining or grants to help you start up business, i'm being made reundo at the end of this month and the chaps from JC were very helpful explaining that they had a big pot of money to help out where its needed... worth a shot! iirc its called rapid response funding or something like that
  7. does anyone know what it was then? i was driving through at approx 7am and there were police dogs there, looking over the wall down into the bottom where the motorhome place is
  8. +1 von shacks, great service and good people in there
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