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  1. If you wish to speak to Admin only, feel free to go to the helpdesk where a member of the Admin team will pick up your message. Use the 'contact us' link on the left hand side .
  2. And we are extremely grateful, thank you . Still haven't figured out how she escaped, the garden is still fully secure
  3. Went missing around tea time today. She is tan and white, chipped but with the wrong details. Please let me know if you see her or hear anything. Thanks
  4. Having a wheat intolerance, I find the cost of eating wheat free way too high. I would prefer to make my own bread, Yorkshire puddings, pies etc but they never seem to turn out right by changing the flour. Has anyone had any success with making their own wheat free foods?
  5. Do go and check with your doctor. Gluten is a possibility but wheat intolerance is also on the up so that might be worth considering too.
  6. Have you looked through Google, twitter or Facebook? Even if he isn't on their personally, he may look in or someone who knows may do so it might be worth leaving a comment, sending a message etc.
  7. Then at least make him do that and paint it up so it isn't as noticeable. Apart from the safety aspect I can't imagine that's going to be very warm in winter! As for insurance, I can't imagine they will be happy to insure a property that isn't secure but each company may be different so you may have to ask them.
  8. Does the landlord visit? I'd change the door, put his in storage and then put it back on when you move! I'm sorry it doesn't really answer your question but isn't there something you can do about the landlord not replacing it? Surely that isn't safe?
  9. 2 was certainly my favourite and I really didn't fancy the look of Journey although I may be tempted if it turns up cheap. I'm just not sure Legends is going to be worth the expense.
  10. There is a radio mast over that way somewhere, could it be that?
  11. Due out next year apparently, is anyone going to bother? I have all the Fables apart from Journey as I didn't really like the demo, however there is no way I'm paying out for the Xbox One just to be able to play Legends.
  12. Do the job center advisor's no longer sit down with people and work out exactly how many hours they need to work to be able to live? I know they used to do this but you had to make an appointment. You would take down all your financial outgoing details ( what your full rent etc would be) and they would calculate it all for you making it easier for you to know what to apply for. I know this is a pretty emotional subject for some but cut him some slack. He is actively seeking work, many don't bother, but where is the point in working 8 hours a week if he can't even afford the clothes, travel to get to that job or afford a meal when he gets home. Those who are actively seeking work should be encouraged and supported, not told to accept anything even if it means drowning in debt and being thrown out of their home.
  13. I assumed he was paying for both? Either way, £3 each = £6. £2.80 bus = £8.80 Take a drink with them? (many do). Still not bad for 2 kids to get plenty of exercise, socialise and meet new people in a relatively safe environment.
  14. It wasn't just one child though, it was 2 children. I think the prices are pretty fair to be honest, some of the sessions are just £3 (if you have a lifecard). There are no longer many places where kids can take part in activities completely free of charge unfortunately and I'd much prefer to spend £10 knowing that two children were pretty much safe and know where they are for 2 hours than them hanging around on the street.
  15. Mine have a chore chart, one simple thing to do 6 days a week. Of those 6 things half is revision. If the chores and revision are done they get £2.50 paid into their bank accounts every Friday and £2.50 cash. The idea is that they save the £2.50 each week so that they can afford more expensive items and teaches them to put money away. My daughter has Ice skating lessons which can get pretty pricey so for all the extras she wants, own boots, skate jacket, dress etc, I'm making her save her spending money and pay half towards each item. Children have to learn about money from an early age I think and having a bank account in which they can save is a good thing too.
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