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  1. Try owzat cricket; its at Alfreton though They will have some last season season cricket bats on sale. https://www.owzat-cricket.co.uk/ Is the website; but you are better off getting a feel of the bat before buying. The indoor nets place at Petre street also sell reasonable cricket bats
  2. I can recommend my dentist Mr Priyadarshan Gaitonde at the Porter Brook Dental Centre. He does orthodontic work using FastBraces with quicker results. I think the first consultation is free but you might want to call and check. Their number is 01142799894.
  3. Thanks Sam for promptly sorting out our burst pipes in the loft today. You saved us a lot of headache! Happy New year to you and I look forward to the bathroom renovation quote.
  4. Laurajill, have you considered a day out to Leicester. Belgrave road has multiple lovely restaurants run by owners of Indian origin and serve non halal food. (though most of them are vegetarian restaurants..)
  5. You need to look for an curry house run by an Indian (Hindu/ Sikh), rather than a Pakistani or Bangladeshi owner. Many Indian especially Sikh's wont eat Halal meat. Try Dosanj or perhaps ask at Nirmals or Vijays ..Hope this helps and enjoy Mothers day!
  6. spicy, ginger-ey, garlick-ey, crisp and yum describes bakarwadi for starts. Type it in google and you will get a few pics! Absolutely heavenly!
  7. You should definately try the indian sweets, prefer them to chocolates.. If you are gonna get diabetes better make sure it is worth it, right!
  8. what you are looking for is bhakarwadi or bakarwadi. The tastiest one is made by Chitale bandhu mithaiwale in Pune, India. Unlikely you will get it in Sheffield, Leicester perhaps. I usually get my stock whenever anyone is coming over from India, that is all I ask for! Now you are making my mouth water!
  9. Can certainly recommend Chinese Fireworks on Pagoda Bank which is at the Ban thai (waitrose) side of london road. Have been buying from them for the last 5 years and never been dissapointed..
  10. check 1. costco 2. richer sounds 3. online once you decide the size and make Happy hunting!
  11. Wishing you all the success in all your future projects!
  12. I play for weston park hospital cricket club. We entered our team in the Yorkshire and derbyshire league this year for the first time playing division 4. We have done well this season having won all our league matches and now have been promoted to league 3!
  13. candy town on london road if you like chinese! The staff there is ever so friendly and great with kids and the menu is fab esp the pancakes yum!
  14. Couldnt open the pdf file but thanks for trying Matt. I know peak travel is going to be expensive but would have thought booking two months in advance would make it cheaper!I double checked deerobe and travelling from donny is cheaper if booked in advance at least on that day for peak travel on direct trains. So looks like i will have to go via donny which i would still prefer than driving down to london!
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