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  1. https://www.google.com/maps/@53.3848335,-1.4613543,3a,75y,18.37h,85.07t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sVKjhz6jrFVVAszjHoxKgMw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 How about the mess they're making here? They've turned off the traffic lights with no stop/give way sign. It's a free for all. Can't see the traffic coming from Blonk Street due to the roadworks. Had a few near misses.
  2. It's a wonder anybody can actually get through the ads to read the stories.
  3. Every year it's primarily The Forge on Boston Street that brings the city to a standstill. Those trying to turn left onto Boston Street block the filter lane from St Mary's Gate onto London Road. That then backs up and brings the Bramall Lane roundabout to a standstill, thus causing standstills on Bramall Lane and Eyre Street. Then it just backs up right down past the station and onto the Parkway, blocking other roads like Queens Road with it.
  4. 0.63% is (7,000/1,100,000)*100. Two of the quotes you provided, which you didn't even give references for, mentioned resources and jobs. If you want to actually learn something, and see why the banks won't be leaving, give this interesting documentary a watch. The banks & the City of London are intertwined.
  5. Hot air. https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-britain-eu-bankjobs/bankfurt-paris-await-brexit-boom-as-banks-stay-loyal-to-london-idUKKCN1PP1ZB A whole 0.63%. Catastrophic.
  6. The banks aren't going anywhere. Nowhere in Europe would they be allowed to launder as much money as they can in City of London.
  7. Bulldog, Beyblade, Marbles, Conkers, Hopscotch, Grandma's Footsteps.
  8. You think these little moped mugs give two hoot's about injuries and fatalities when they're stabbing people for their phones? God knows what this country will look like in 50 years if we're putting the welfare of violent criminals above the welfare of the law-abiding population.
  9. As someone else said, prisons are expensive and we don't have enough of them. But, there's also the fact that the majority of judges (especially magistrates) are white, middle-class, and male. They live in leafy suburbs with no actual understanding of what life is like in deprived crime-ridden areas. In 2016/2017 the prison cost was £3.395 billion. Sounds like a lot. But here are some comparisons: Trident: £205 billion NHS: £124.7 billion HS2: £55.7 billion Social Welfare: £222 billion The whole system is massively underfunded and, for those unlucky enough to actually get jailed, there's no real rehabilitation program inside.
  10. There is no deterrent. Sentences are a joke. I'd hate to be a police officer... putting in all that effort to solve a crime and secure a conviction, only for some out-of-touch judge who lives in the leafy suburbs to give them a slap on the wrist and send them on their way. Those that do actually go to prison aren't undergoing any real rehabilitation inside, and aren't being supported to keep on the right track after leaving. And let's not forget that prisons in this country are pretty cushy too... three meals a day and a personal PlayStation.
  11. When I was under 21, I would have disagreed with you. Now that I am over 21, I agree with you
  12. That's weird. I'm sure I've seen them buying handbags on the TV program
  13. Is this a troll thread? It's not the fourth biggest city, it's the fifth (London > Birmingham > Leeds > Glasgow > Sheffield). However, that's based on just city boundaries. When you include "greater" areas with satellite towns, it's nowhere near the fifth-largest. That's why places like Greater Manchester, Newcastle-Gateshead, West Midlands, Liverpool-Birkenhead feel much bigger than Sheffield. Sheffield is a very diverse city. The only area I can think of that isn't very ethnically diverse is the south-west, and that's due to economic disparity. There's some great architecture. Perhaps you missed Pinstone St and Surrey St on your visit. There are also quite a few museums in, or close to, the city centre. https://www.google.com/maps/search/museum+near+Sheffield/@53.3791758,-1.4771183,15.46z If you'd bothered to do any research you'd know that there's a £500M renovation going on to create a new shopping district. https://www.heartofcity2.com/masterplan/ I'd like to know where your home city is so that I can share my experiences of visiting it.
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