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  1. Hi Looking for some advice regarding a parking fine. I took my nan shopping on a Saturday afternoon to the retail park just off the parkway. We parked just outside card factory as my Nan isn't very mobile and needs to be as close to the shops as possible. I don't have a disabled badge for her with not being her primary carer. however she does have a wheelchair that we take with us. we parked and I took the wheelchair out and we went into card factory and then I wheeled her across to the other shops. Week and a half later I get a parking fine from Horizon Parking saying I I went over the 1 hour parking limit. I assumed because the other car park across from the card factory is a 3-hour stay that it would be all 3 hours stay but apparently it's not. Can I contest this parking fine? I probably wouldn't have parked there if I wasn't with my nan on was just that the parking space is a little bit bigger and nearer to where we needed to be. It does not give any information on how to contest the parking fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Thank you Medusa for your reply. I will definitely ask the vet about that tomorrow. Can I ask about your cats having vaccinations? Does it matter if they haven't could she still have the medication you proposed?
  3. Hi guys Just wondering if anyone has a cat with asthma? My cat who is 12 was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. Then last week she started breathing quickly and tests and scans later have revealed she also has asthma. She's had a steroid injection that should last until tomorrow when we go back to the vet. The only trouble is she's always been a sniffley cat and suffers with colds etc so my petplan doesn't cover her for upper respiratory problems. Just want to know a rough cost of treatment and if she'll be happy on meds .
  4. Thank you so much for your replies. It's really helps that other people have been through this. We had an OK day yesterday- she ate a bit more then tonight she's walking around just miaowing even though there's food down for her. I just at end of my nerves! Can I ask how much surgery cost? I am with petplan but worried they won't pay out . Thank you again
  5. Thank you for your replies. The vet did offer the surgery this evening. She says she thinks my cat is one of the few that it takes a while to settle and levels to balance out. Just have to be patient which is not my strong point! Vet says her bloods are very healthy for her age and it was only her thyroid one that came back high. Thanks again.
  6. Thank you for your reply. Surgery wasn't offered as a option because of her age. I'm back tonight. I don't think it's the medication that's making her sick as she was she was throwing up before the medicine. It's just so frustrating watching her not eating much and then throwing up. I feel like I'm torturing her
  7. Hi Really hoping someone can give me some advice! My cat will be 13 in August and has just been diagnosed with over active Thyroid. I took her in a week last Monday with vomiting. They gave her an anti-inflammatory and anti sickness. After a day she was vomiting again and off her food. Back to vets again where they did blood work and found the thyroid problem. She has been taking medication for 10 days now and we had to half her medication within the first few days as she was still vomiting. We seem to have a good day with no vomiting and eating little bits but then go back to vomiting again and eating tiny bits of food. I just want to know how long I persevere with the medication. She was sick three times before I went to bed last night and then 3 times in the night. Most of it is just clear liquid. She miaows in this awful way before she's sick and she's lost so much weight it's heartbreaking to watch as I'm doing everything the vet is asking. Hope someone can offer some advice! Thank you Laura
  8. So my two cats are 12 now. I've always fed them on Sheba, whiskers or Felix but after reading up on lack of quality meat in most cat foods I want to switch. So far I've tried them with some high protein, no grain, no added preservatives which they seem to like. I mix there wet food with some royal Canin in a morning and dinner. The only problem is it's costing a fortune. Anyone have any recommendations for wet food?
  9. I know there are other posts about this but they seem a little dated. Looking for transport to take us from the registry office up to the botanical gardens to have photos taken and then back to town again. I've got a couple of quotes but the cheapest is £750! Only need the transport for a couple of hours! Anyone got any recommendations?
  10. Hi Looking for some help locating a young bloke who knocked on my Nan's door offering to do her garden for her. She asked how much and he asked for £40. Started to cut top half of her garden when suddenly his Strimmer broke and he left with the money. Low and behold my nan hasn't seen him since. Anyone else had this happen to them in the Totley area? Any help appreciated ?
  11. Renewing this thread as some posts are a little old. I'm looking for a photographer for 3-4hours work for our wedding in July 2018. Preferably someone who isn't expensive as we are on a very tight budget. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi Looking for some advice in the way of CCTV. Basically I want to put some up around my property. There's quite a few options online and not sure which to go for. A lot of the CCTV packages don't come with a hard drive and I'm also unsure what size hard drive I would need. Any advice would be awesome! Thank you! ?
  13. There's an elderly male cat been found and handed in to Peaks Vets. Was found in Stocksbridge. Check out their website.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions! Not wanting anything over the top. Just want a place where everyone can have a good time.
  15. Hi! Did post in the venue thread but didn't get any replies ? So we're looking at getting married end of July 18 We're searching for a function room as getting married at registery office. I would like somewhere I could decorate and cater myself as we want to keep costs down so we can have a lovely honeymoon somewhere ? We're looking at about 100- 150 guests. Any help/advice would be much appreciated!
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