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  1. is there any truth in the rumour that i've heard, that asda is opening a store at drakehouse retail park?
  2. can anyone tell me if there is anything that i can buy to spray on my garden to stop cats from doing their business on there...
  3. well i'm sure after yrs of practice they should now be able to park !!
  4. got to be tonys at mosborough with a doubt...
  5. yes i am also proud to be born and bred in sheffield...
  6. what is an oatcake??? never had one in my life!!
  7. i wouldn't bother if i was you, food from there taste crap!!!!!!!
  8. eat@melissas just passed asda roundabout at handsworth, make great sandwiches and home made meals...
  9. Granellis has been there years..wicked sweet shop
  10. the best one is rustlings sandwich bar just opposite Endcliffe Park (top entrance)
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