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  1. I can get you a virtual assistant for $10/hour - US based but will be able to accept and handle UK calls. You'd need a few members to join Capita, been there and worked there.
  2. These days, it's rare to find a web development company that hold tests on websites. Used to be a vital part, but after asking clients for test logs on their old sites, they were unable to get them, as there are none. The consumer is what should be in mind, if the consumer doesn't like it, or can't find what they're looking for, they can go elsewhere. The internet is a HUGE MARKETING tool, but only when utilised to its fullest, and the competition is there and increasing everyday. Long were the times where "just a website" could be sold. EDIT: You may also wish to consider a privacy policy being written for your website. They're not expensive to have done, we do them for a tenner, but it's important when you're handling customer details.
  3. I'd be happy to help. You can find my contact details in my signature (via the website) - I could have them moved within the hour by cloning them rather than copying them. Let me know
  4. IMO, you'd probably be best setting up a website and driving traffic via Facebook.
  5. If you have a second computer you could run that on something like TeamViewer, hence them not needing any of your login details, just an internet connection. They would be logged in with cookies on YOUR computer. Only way I can think of. Where abouts are you?
  6. Why not just post a job advertisement on the Sheffield Forum? They could even work from home once they knew what they were doing, unless of course you don't hold a stock list. It shouldn't be too costly to give someone £5-£6 an hour to to basic tasks such as write/post listings. The graphics could be done by you prior to them visiting. In-fact, to be honest, you can visit fiverr.com and you can hire a Virtual Assistant to run basic tasks for you for $5 (£3.20) an hour. Problem solved.
  7. Possibly look at an AJAX slider? Less size, decrease your page weight, and loads quicker!
  8. Each business would clearly need an analysis before the investment. The main businesses would consist of those who sell a product/service locally. Takeaways is a prime example.
  9. Nobody is really looking to buy a product or service from a business on Sheffield Forums through their mobile. We're talking keywords such as "Painters in Sheffield" for example. The consumer is looking for the information as quickly as possible, therefore only need the basics which are generally - Basic info about the company - Contact information - Prices - Location - Opening hours They don't want to look at your portfolio, nor do they want half of the information on your full website. They are out and about and want to find the business quickly and possibly navigate to it.
  10. Basically. When you search on a mobile, geo tags automatically searches locally. For example, if I type in "takeaways" or any other keyword, it will automatically look for the takeaway nearby by using the phones location. With this a website owner can target their website to a specific local area, and rank for results locally driving targeted visitors. Therefore having an increase in sales of a product or device as they are targeted customers that are looking to buy something in the niche they specified.
  11. Ill grab the video published by Google which supports this. But remember. We are talking local, geo targeted searches. Not standard web traffic. Hence easier to find customers that are local rather than finding businesses in different cities.
  12. I don't think mobile sites is something that has quite kicked off yet. It should be though. Mobile websites are what contribute to converting (if we're going by Google statistics) 47% of your customers. Anyone without a mobile website is throwing business away really.
  13. Hi there I've looked through many websites here and found that a lot of people aren't implementing toned down, mobile versions of their websites. It's something that you should really look into having done, and it shouldn't be expensive. Mobile websites are an investment, not an expense. So, it's all great. You've had your website developed and you now have your online presence. But did you know, according to latest Google statistics, 47% of local (the people you NEED to target) Google searches are made from a mobile device? And to top that off, 2/3 people who visit a site on their mobile that aren't met with a mobile optimized website hit the back button and go to one of your competitors? Mobile websites should contain the best bits of your website, the most important bits, no more and no less. Optimisation for quick viewing and delivering the important information is the key to conversions and getting more business. Just a friendly tip for you all out there. You can do a bit of research into the subject, but as a heads up, if you don't have a mobile optimized website you are missing out on local leads, and these are generally the most profitable for most businesses. I'd like to hear other website designers views on the subject. Should a business be using a mobile website in line with their full website? Is it something you pro actively offer? Personally, I chuck one in with the full website, or charge very little for what it's worth. And business owners, how do you see mobile websites in your eyes? Do you need one, or is it just an expense for you?
  14. IMO content is king. Especially for new websites. You do however also need to know how to write your content to an SEO standard. Then again, it does vary on a lot of other factors, backlinks, third party articles, on-site SEO, keyword selection etc...
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