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  1. Grazz is right, some issues can be resolved in a very short space of time but there are many more factors involved, not just the problem being tackled. For example, I have recently worked with someone who had depression. He felt much better after 1 session. We just this week had the third and final treatment session and he is feeling fantastic. The average number of times I see a client for treatment sessions is about 3 sessions. NLP can be a great way to tackle things. Most hypnotherapists use NLP to a greater or lesser extent as a part of what they do. If you would like more information on what hypnosis is or what I do you are more than welcome to drop me a line with absolutely no obligation, I just like to be able to give accurate information so people can make an informed decision about what they want to do.
  2. Sorry for the late reply Day Break - Hypnosis for weight reduction can help. Finding the right therapist can be a big element in the potential outcome. I have no idea who Orangepip worked with but there is always the possibility that it won't work....nothing as they say is guaranteed in life. What can increase the potential for success is working with someone professional, ethical and experienced. A great hypnotherapist will have reviews. Not wanting to sound big headed or anything but I have 50+ 4 and 5 star reviews from people very happy with the experience they had working with me. I got another of these reviews just today from someone I worked with. His review is: "I saw Richard during the course of four sessions to help me get my weight under control without going on some magic diet. Richard is a lovely, friendly, and knowledgeable person, who made me feel at ease from the word go. The sessions where highly enjoyable and allowed me to explore the inner knowledge and strength that I already possessed but wasn't aware of, by being nudged in the right direction. I immediately saw a change in my eating habits which have resulted steady loss of around 1 kg per week (16 kg in total so far) without much change in what I eat. Through the sessions, I have learn to regain control of my eating and to allow myself to enjoy food again. If you are serious about losing weight and need someone who you can trust to help you, I can HIGHLY recommend hypnotherapy with Richard! Many thanks :)" His review is on my Google My business page and many of the other reviews are featured on my website http://www.sheffield-hypnosis.co.uk/reviews and links to the websites where the reviews were originally posted are also included on this part of my website.
  3. It seems that this thread has been resuscitated and I am sure that your insomnia has lifted Aidy as it tends to be a short term issue for the majority of people. For anyone else looking at this thread in order to get ideas about how to address their insomnia I can highly recommend hypnotherapy. The clue is in the name - The "hypno" bit somes from the Greek word "hypnos" which means sleep. Rather than having an appointment with a hypnotherapist like me I would first recommend something like Paul McKenna's "I can make you sleep". If that doesn't work then perhaps a more one to one approach could be what you need. If you want a chat about hypnotherapy and how I could help just get in touch for a confidential chat on 0114 383 0123
  4. I couldn't agree more Oryx! There have been a number of studies done that have shown that exercising to lose weight is rarely effective. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying stay on the sofa!! But if you are going to the gym to "burn off calories" you are right in that you burn off very few calories. Much better to not eat it in the first place! If you don't put it in, you can't put it on! ---------- Post added 26-11-2015 at 09:55 ---------- Thanks for your recommendation Victoria! In my experience, a personal recommendation can be very helpful for those that might be a little unsure about hypnotherapy and how it might be able to help.
  5. I only just spotted your comment Whatkatydid. Sorry for the late reply but a huge thank you for recommending me based on your experience in this area. As someone who had driving anxiety and then had hypnotherapy you know first hand who paralysing anxiety can be. Rational thinking, skills and experience can go out of the window! I am so glad that our hypnosis sessions helped you to find your confidence and to pass your test. Well done!! If anyone else needs help with this issue you are welcome to get in touch for a free no obligation chat on the phone.
  6. Hi Clare, you are talking about a hypnotic gastric band. This approach has gained a lot of media attention over the last few years but in my opinion is not appropriate for the majority of people who enquire about this treatment. A hypnotic gastric band boils down to an imagined decrease in stomach capacity leading to feeling fuller sooner so less food is put in so weight loss follows. This focuses on the final stage of weight gain...the details of what you put into your body and how much you put in. At the very beginning of the process is a feeling which is turned into a thought or an idea. This leads to beliefs which leads to action. When you tackle the action side of things you leave all the feelings, thoughts and ideas in place and hope that the reduction in capacity over rides them. I find it is much more effective to help people to focus on the early stages of the process, thereby nipping things in the bud before they develop so there is no need to reduce capacity because the thoughts and feelings have changed. This approach for weight reduction is often the best approach for people who are emotional eaters or mindless eaters as it tackles the origins of these states which is usually nothing to do with food. For some people a hypnotic gastric band CAN be a good solution. It tends to be those who eat to excess (even though they know they have had enough) and do this without there being an emotional or mindless element who are most appropriate for this approach. If you want more information on hypnotic gastric bands just have a look at my web page on the issue.
  7. I am a hypnotherapist based in Sheffield and a large percentage of the clients I have worked with over the years have had weight related issues. I would be happy to have a free no obligation chat on the phone with anyone interested in who I am and how I could help. I am registered with the two leading hypnotherapy governing bodies in the UK, I am fully insured, highly trained and am based from my own private clinic in the city centre (rather than a back bedroom which is where some hypnotherapists work from!) I don't do any hard sells, I just present information to help you make an unhurried and no obligation decision about what would be best for you. To help that process I can offer a free 30 minute hypnotic relaxation MP3 so you can hear what I sound like when I am at work. I also have a free PDF guide called "10 things you MUST know before getting hypnotherapy". This has been designed so you can find a hypnotherapist who is professional, ethical and is therefore more likely to be able to help you make the changes you desire. There are thankfully very few unethical hypnotherapists in Sheffield but there are one or two! To download these free items go to https://sheffield-hypnosis.co.uk/free-download/
  8. * I hope this is OK to post here - the talk is free so I'm hoping it will be allowed to stay* LEARN THE MOTIVATIONAL ATTITUDES OF SUCCESSFUL SLIMMERS ARE YOU FED UP OF YOUR WEIGHT YO-YOING? HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH YET? Over the years we have noticed that successful slimmers and those naturally good at managing their weight have had several things in common, this includes their attitude. Through the use of NLP and self hypnosis we can teach you how to adopt these attitudes. During our free 90 minute free talk we will teach you: How to set achievable goals How food addictions and habits begin and how to beat them How to create and maintain motivation How you can create confidence and deal with doubt Learn how to see ‘failure’ as a temporary set back and how to get back on track How to gain control over emotional eating Who is doing the talk? Vincent Foster (Dip. THP, MBIH, Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Practitioner of NHR) worked at Ragdale Hall for a number of years as their resident hypnotherapist and neuro linguistic programming expert and has helped hundreds of people to make dramatic personal changes in all sorts of areas including weight. Richard Hennessy (me!) (HPD, Dip NLP, Dip H, Cert DE) is one of Sheffield top ranked hypnotherapists and has worked full time in the industry since 2009. Richard has specialised in helping people with weight issues using hypnotic and NLP techniques and has many glowing reviews from people who have been able to make changes to how they think, act and feel in order to bring about a change in their weight. When is the talk? 17th March at 7pm until 8.30pm at a city centre location. Tickets: There will be only 50 tickets available and these are free of charge but must be requested through the following website: https://sheffield-hypnosis.co.uk/free-weight-reduction-talk/ This is NOT about sticking to a specific diet, counting calories, shaming you into reducing your weight by weighing you in front of other people or anything like that. It is about empowering you to understand yourself (your thoughts, your feelings and your body) better and to feel able to make changes to what you want to put into your body. There will be a group hypnosis element to the talk and this will be in the second part of the event.
  9. Hypnotherapy was recognised by the BMA in the 1950's but GP's (and most people in the NHS) get zero training on what hypnotherapy actually is and the things it has been proven to help with. The NHS is beginning to realise that some money spent in the here and now can save millions down the line, that is why they have started doing more gastric band operations. It is better to pay a few thousand now to hopefully help someone change their lifestyle and weight so that 20 years from now they are less likely to be diabetic (for example) as that costs the NHS a LOT more than a gastric op. At the moment (as far as I am aware) it is impossible to get hypnotherapy on the NHS even though there is a growing evidence base that it definitely does work for some issues (like IBS) and could work for other issues like weight management. Unfortunately unless your mental health issue (eg. phobia/anxiety/fear) is not causing absolutely huge problems now it is unlikely they will do very much to help. Private hypnotherapy is a possibility though the cost can prohibit some people from going down this route. There are some hypnotherapists in Sheffield who offer discounted rates to those on low/no income though. Drop me a PM for details about who might be able to do these rates and if there are any specific questions about what hypnosis is (or isn't!) ;-)
  10. Quite right Amber! The industry is slowly getting more organised though. At the moment we have voluntary self regulation which is an improvement in one sense but not in another. There are many hypnotherapists who think being regulated alongside reiki and other alternative health therapies with very little to zero proven effectiveness (besides placebo effect) dumbs down hypnotherapy and elevates those other practices through their association with a therapy that has a proven effectiveness in some areas and great potential in others. As for doing research I would also whole heartedly agree with this. Don't pick the first person you find. Shop around. Ask people where they studies (then google the training school for their reviews!), ask people what qualifications they have, what continuing professional development courses they do, which governing body/bodies they are a member of, ask to see reviews from previous clients, ask if there are any previous clients who would be willing to talk to you on the phone. Find someone who looks, sounds and feels good. If you have any doubts or niggles don't book and keep looking around for the right therapist for you. ---------- Post added 13-06-2014 at 16:02 ---------- I'm glad you got the result you were looking for eventually Orbs. I would like to point out though that for some people they have a very 'light' experience in trance rather than the stereotypical 'out for the count' deep trance that is often portrayed in the media. The depth of trance isn't always related to the potential for positive outcomes either. I have had clients who remember every word I said and were very aware throughout the process and still were able to make the changes they desired. I have even had clients who apologised for 'not doing it right' when the non-verbal communication I was getting from them throughout the hypnotherapy session was telling me that they were deeply relaxed. What I'm saying is that your perception of trance and whether it happened or not could be different to the therapist's opinion of whether you were in trance or not. This sort of doesn't matter though because it is the outcome or effect of the sessions that is important rather than the depth of trance. I would say though that £100 for 4 sessions is incredibly cheap! It sounds like you got what you paid for! There is no way I could charge £25 per session and pay for my insurance, utilities, training, professional body membership, advertising and my time! The therapist you saw must have been cutting corners....sounds like they saved a fortune on their training!!
  11. http://owenpardue.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/hypnosis-cartoon-2.jpg?w=604
  12. I have a therapy room for hire. By all means pass my details on to your friend
  13. Hi, I have a therapy room for rent in the middle of the city centre but in the legal quarter behind the cathederal so it's nice and quiet. The room is 25 sq meters with two large windows so there is a lot of light. The room is available on an ad hoc basis at £12 per hour or if you agree to use the room at least 5 hours a month then the hourly rate is £10. On the ground floor is a coffee shop as well which sounds like it's just what you need. If you would like a look around just let me know.
  14. Hahahaha! Nice one Steve! You missed out the word "now" though ;-)
  15. Hi Jo, I have a therapy room for hire. I am based in the city centre and the room is great for talking therapies. Have a look at my page for the room here http://sheffield-hypnosis.co.uk/therapy-room-hire/ and let me know what you think.
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