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  1. is it true you can get £50 reward for shopping people who are claiming benefits while working.?
  2. police pulled some one out off a car it was lilke some thing out of blues brothers
  3. United carpets near neto Queens Road just had our living room done and stairs took 2 hours to fit and the fitters were great. Price wise quite good .plus free fitting so very happy
  4. we would be happy to quote you just phone with details . 01142787590
  5. give us a ring on 2787590 some time tomorrow to see if we can help you .
  6. hi iv got 20 old imperial bricks you can have them for free 01142397737
  7. if hes so rich why does he put boot polish on his head ?
  8. try this bloke hes great and reasonable 01142016156 ask for andy
  9. hi how many sheffielders no longer take the star i dont for one because its printed to early. Is it still as popular ? and if not why ?
  10. moved loads to and from hillsborough only ever heard good
  11. Anyone who as something dumped should make sure that the company whos doing the job is licenced to dump waste. We show all our customers our licence before we do the job
  12. Its very nice but are the people of totley welcoming to out siders iv moved quite a few families there in recent months and some have since moved on saying the Neighbours were very snobish towards them is this true ?
  13. hi il second that i worked with bryan and barry two great blokes
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