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  1. is it true you can get £50 reward for shopping people who are claiming benefits while working.?
  2. police pulled some one out off a car it was lilke some thing out of blues brothers
  3. United carpets near neto Queens Road just had our living room done and stairs took 2 hours to fit and the fitters were great. Price wise quite good .plus free fitting so very happy
  4. we would be happy to quote you just phone with details . 01142787590
  5. give us a ring on 2787590 some time tomorrow to see if we can help you .
  6. hi iv got 20 old imperial bricks you can have them for free 01142397737
  7. if hes so rich why does he put boot polish on his head ?
  8. try this bloke hes great and reasonable 01142016156 ask for andy
  9. hi how many sheffielders no longer take the star i dont for one because its printed to early. Is it still as popular ? and if not why ?
  10. moved loads to and from hillsborough only ever heard good
  11. Anyone who as something dumped should make sure that the company whos doing the job is licenced to dump waste. We show all our customers our licence before we do the job
  12. Its very nice but are the people of totley welcoming to out siders iv moved quite a few families there in recent months and some have since moved on saying the Neighbours were very snobish towards them is this true ?
  13. hi il second that i worked with bryan and barry two great blokes
  14. Hi that was my intention but im new to this and got it wrong .But we need to help the young generation in some way . And this could be a start .
  15. What should this country do to stop crime .and from getting any worse? My friend says national service would be a good idea these are his thoughts if you break the law from 15years of age to 18 you do 2 years national service. Would this help I think it would what about you and have you got any other ideas of what could be done before this great country of ours goes to the dogs.And did you do national service was it any good for your up bringing.
  16. sorry to say George too as pass away some years ago now. Il tell jimmy to give your regards to Smithy .Dave
  17. pitty you didnt recall any of the names . but Roy Mitchell left went on to be driveing instructor . , Steve Smith, is still there . Dave Clarke, cant remember him. Norman Batty cant remember , Tony Jones he retired . Slack family russel is still there kenny left. And the older one , cant remember his name used to be on the stores well hes still there but runs all the stores now. do you remember jack hill . he died about three years ago good bloke . and there was crowy the parkin man . mark atkinson left last year .Hope you remember some of them if i think of some more il be in touch . Dave
  18. hi mark i worked at fletchers between 79 till 2005. But my brother started work there in 76 and still does his name is jimmy dodd il ask him if he remembers you. A lot of the old boys have left now but theres still some there like mark loyd . steve glaves. trever burton. alan barker . dave
  19. i rememer him he was part of the match. i watch him as much as wednesday .But havent seen him for years . Do you remember . fat sid about the same time as sammy
  20. hi you can add something called tap safe to put in the water any pet shop will advise you on how to use it . dave
  21. Well said pk014b7161 id do the boiling if the job opens up
  22. hello and happy new year to you .I should be able to help you with most of the things you want for a house phone me tomorrow about 10am and we can sort something out most of the stuff will be free .dave
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