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  1. Thanks Nagel, I'll get in touch with her
  2. Thank you for your replies and advice. Unfortunately we have nothing to prove who it could be be, and my Nannan isn't able to remember when they come. Hopefully some of the neighbours can help, and I will be conacting the police for advice. Thanks again
  3. Hi, I wonder if you can help. I'm trying to track down a man who delivers fish in the Ridgeway area. My Nannan has been sold a huge amount of fish twice in recent weeks, far too much for one old lady living on her own to get through. She can't remember whether she went out to a van or the seller was going door to door, but she does not get out very often now so I suspect they came to the door. I appreciate that everyone needs to make a living but my Nannan is a vunerable old lady who had no need for this amount of fish. Does anyone knows who the seller could be, so I can get in touch and ask them not to visit again? I hope you can help. Thanks, Dawn.
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