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  1. The picture palace at Lane top was always Essoldo until it turned into a bingo hall run by Nobles and the carpet shop is still there. In answer to a previous question Rendezvous was a newsagent right at lane top next to where Netto is and Hillards was further down just below bus terminus. The building is just as it was then but it's now Job Lot and the shop part is in the bottom section which when it was Hillards was the dry goods and used to sell garden products, wallpaper etc. I and my ex-sister in law worked there and the Manager was called Tony I think and I believe he had a nervous breakdown after losing his gran who he was very close to.. My next door neighbour , Madge Glynn, now sadly no longer with us, used to be the cook in the canteen:)
  2. The person who opened Hillards was Ann Sidney Miss World. I went to the opening as a teenager:D
  3. You are quite right there is a sweet shop there selling old fashioned sweets. Its Granellis - the ice cream makers on city road. My husband used to go to Granellis sweet shop to buy half pound of broken chocolate before going to the Park picture palace Saturday matinee. hi ho silver away give any clues as to what he used to watch along with Flash Gordon, Zorro and Batman
  4. I can assure you that Walkers crisps were definitely on sale in Sheffield when I was at Ecclesfield Grammar School because they used to sell them in the tuck shop. I left school in 1966. My husband also remembers them and he is the same age as me:cool:
  5. Just had a thought - IMP is probably short for Imperial which may sugeest its a measuring spoon, maybe one of an apothecaries set. Also BP would probably be British Petroleum who are involved in medicine and chemistry:
  6. Just had a thought - IMP is probaby short for Imperial which could suggest it's a measuring spoon, maybe for an apothecary
  7. When I was at school in the 1960's Walkers used to make Oxo flavoured crisps - they were excellent. Walls ice cream used to make an ice cream similar to a cornetto but it was on a plastic stick and inside the ice cream attached to the stick were chess pieces.
  8. Caddy spoons normally have short handles but usually have concave sides as opposed to convex like normal shaped spoons and are much shallower:)
  9. Ah the flavour!! Spangles, sherbert dips, bags of gold, rainbow crystals, liquorice sticks, frys cream bars, frys five colours, tiffins, cinder toffee, flying saucers, fuzz bombs
  10. The off sales near the old cop shop was Atheys and Jean Athey their daughter was in my class in infants/juniors. I remember rushbys bakery, Eardleys optician which was where the landerette is on St Michaels, the beer off next door and there used to be a sweet shop at top of cross hill where Eardleys opticians moved to and we could get a 'pennorth' of sweets in a cone from a machine. My favourites were satin cushions, little sack shaped boiled sweets in all colours and rainbow crystals. Hulleys ice cream factory on High Greave used to have a kiosk at the top of the drive and you could get a gigantic (or so it seemed when I was a child) cornet for theepence (late ninteen fifties)
  11. Vicki. Regarding previous message by Joto, my cousin Joyce. Our grandparents were Joseph Henry and Ada. Leonard was my dad. My dads siblings on Theaker side were Tom, Colin and Irene. All sadly no longer with us. Grandad died in 1951 and grandma in 1968. I still live in Sheffield just yards from where my grandma used to live and my cousin still lives in her house. There are still 3 Theakers of our family in Sheffield. My brother Robert, my cousins son Michael and his son:)
  12. On the land across from the post office which led into park there was a petrol station and an empty hut which was once a fishing tackle shop. You went down a path at the side of these into the park. At the bottom was a bridge over the stream, just at the side of the pavilion, bowling greens and tennis courts
  13. Sorry I am still learning about my family and got a bit confused. I was never told about my grandad until last cuple of weeks and for most of my life I thought he was called Frank. My cousin has now set me straight. - my great grandparents were Henry and Ruth Theaker, they lived at 2 Myrtle Road and my grandma (Ada Steele) married their youngest son Joseph Henry
  14. Does anyone know anything about Thomas Steel from Chapeltown who was a bandleader and is buried in Burncross Cemetery. He was my great grandfather and has a golden trumpet on his gravestone. He died in 1909 aged 52 years and his wife Mary Ann (my great grandmother) died in 1932 aged 76 years. Iwould love any further information as I didn't know anything about him until yesterday:help:
  15. Is Thomas Burton Theaker related to Thomas Grayson Theaker? My Grandad was son of Henry and Ruth and was their youngest son Joseph.
  16. Ecclesfield Grammar turned comprehensive about 1974, 75 or 76. I went to the grammar school aged 11 in 1962. The Head was Arnold Henry Jennings and the head of year 1 and 2 which moved into the old Modern School building was Harry Birkby. His son Edward was in my class. The french teacher, Mr Cochrane, had two sons at the school Simon who was in my year and Toby who started there a year or two later. The other teachers I remember are Gabby Hayes (Maths) Mr Sant (art), Miss Webster (science) and Mrs Palmer - my form teacher - (english)
  17. Sheffield is built on severn hills(as is Rome)hence the word lump, as the housing estate spread allover the hillsides, the term going to walk around t'lump means to walk up and down the hills on which your estate was built and then came to mean going for a walk t'round area in which you live. In my dads case down t'pub and back on sundays before his sunday dinner. Funny how the dog allways got home an hour before he did, he used to say he's got four legs I've only two so he can walk twice as fast.
  18. I spent many teenage years in the sixties at Norths fair in Ecclesfield which was at the side of the gennel opposite the school playing field. I think they are building on the land now. There was also a larger fair behind the Coach and Horses at Chapeltown. My parents used to take me to the farm grounds and I can recall a wall of death rider on a motorbike on top of a tall tower
  19. I remember a pete Zumwalt from Wybourn School. Are you any relation ? Denis Thompson Saunders road
  20. Hi My maiden name was Linda Theaker and I live in Ecclesfield. I have a brother Robert and my cousins son is Michael Theaker and he also has a son- so thats 3 more Theakers living in Sheffield. My father was Leonard Theaker and he had four brothers and a sister but only two brothers, Tom and Colin were called Theaker as my grandmother got married twice and had two more sons, Paddy and Ron Muscroft and a daughter Irene (married name Moore). Sadly I think there is only Paddy left but I am not even sure about him as he moved to Manchester many years ago and we lost touch. His wife was called Rosa and they had a daughter. My granparents were called Joseph Henry and Ada and grandad Muscroft was called Frank If you are a Theaker related to us you have many relatives in Sheffield, one in Walsall and two cousins and their families in Canada. There are also some Theakers who live in Lincolnshire at Leadenham. The only one I know the name of is Steve Theaker. Have now found that there is a Derek Theaker in Leadenham
  21. I was at Wybourn school from aged four and a half in 1955 until I left at 15. I was one of the Thompson twins (Denis) and my twin was Denise. My brothers George and Willis and sister Maureen also went there. Sadly we lost George a couple of years ago but all the others are still fine. I remember the teachers Miss Scott, Mr Mullen, Mr Smith, Mr Riley, Mr Lancaster and Mr Hart Anybody remember any others?
  22. My brother George Thompson (Jud) worked at Wigfalls about late 50s or early 60s as TV engineer. Sadly Jud is no longer with us but I remember us being the first family on our street to get BBC2 - anyone got any memories Denis Thompson
  23. Does anyone know Jennifer Bower. Last known name Crossland but has since remarried. Went to school with and later worked with Jenny but lost contact Linda Thompson (nee Theaker)
  24. I have lived in Ecclesfield since 1955 and the shop across from the old police staion was called Atheys. Mrs Atheys daughter Jean was in my class at school when it was the old Infants next to the old police station and the Juniors was across from the shops where the new houses are now. The building which now houses the junior and infant schools was the old secondary modern until 1961. I went to Ecclesfield Grammar in 1962 and the 1st and second year pupils used the old modern school building as there was not enough room at the one on Chapeltown Hill:hihi:
  25. My father Leonard Theaker worked at Brown Bayleys until a few weeks before his death in 1967 when I was 16. I always remember him coming back every Friday night with bars of chocolate such as Tiffin and Frys 5 boys
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