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  1. Anyone remember the original Wordsworth Tavern?when was it knocked down and re-built?
  2. I know Dawns Surname was Smith and I think she was closely related to Roy I didnt know him personaly but knew of him.
  3. there was a girl called Dawn who lived at Andys for a while dont know if she was related or fostered.She was a year or two younger than Andy.
  4. that name rings a bell.Did she have a younger brother called Norman?
  5. Name of Horace Ratcliffes bungalow .Oh and his four daughters
  6. Could it be that Kenny Goodison only took eight paces from Fulmere cres to Wordsworth Ave (wiv dem long legs it couldnt av bin much more) just a thought
  7. Could it be eight feet wide? we were posher, between Chaucer Road and Knutton Crescent we had a gennell.
  8. I never knew they had a son,but then again I lived a very sheltered life.
  9. What waste of space are you on about? I remember Pete Norman went to the serving hatch every day for 5 Park Drive until one day he said no to him,Pete asked him why not? to which Joe replied "There,s ony thee that bleedin buys em so ave stopped gerrin em" so then he had to persuade Mark Atkinson to go halves with him for ten.
  10. I think her name was Sylvia or Sybil but not 100% sure
  11. Not that one, the one Ime on about is when the pensioners flats were been built and about six houses on Knutton cres had to be evacuated,this was a gas bottle that they just turned the tap on then lit, then they scarpered. they think its tough on the cross now? they ve never lived.
  12. I wonder if he remembers his and wriggos own version of the olympic flame on the field behind Bernard Atkins house?
  13. Ive worked out who you are, the only person who had a blue mini on Yew Lane was my next door neighbour. And you havent got a brother called Pete
  14. I lived 6 houses down from Pete Atkin, do you have a brother called Peter?
  15. Easy mistake to make cos Pete is about ten years or more younger than June I never Knew the dog flick but I do remember David giving Peter a pup which he called Ivan he had that dog for many years and he went all over the place with the kids on our estate everyone knew Ivan, brilliant dog.
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