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  1. mr_blue_owl

    The way things used to be .

    I considered reporting my parents for cruelty by making me listen to Sing Something Simple every Sunday t o t e n
  2. mr_blue_owl

    Methane gas lamps in sheffield

    I remember there was one on Brincliffe Edge Road that Roger Moffat of Radio Hallam 'adopted'. He received a call that it was being tampered with and went off to check it out in the middle of his show lol
  3. In Manila airport a few months ago, a lady said to my wife 'Is your husband Chinese'!!!!
  4. Whenever I go back to Sheffield I keep getting asked if I am American or Australian even though I have never lived in either country
  5. ta ra ra bum dee yay our teacher trumped today she blew the school away now we're on holiday
  6. That was 'Ma Baker' yer daft twonk lol
  7. mr_blue_owl

    Bands of the sixties

    I remember a band named 'Pharmaceutical Earth Remover'
  8. mr_blue_owl

    Embarrasing moments!

    I went into a medical outlet in Hong Kong and asked the attractive receptionist if I could get something to treat prickly heat. She gave me a big smile and said 'Maybe you should try the doctor next door, this is a veterinary clinic.'
  9. mr_blue_owl

    Settling an argument! Winstons.

    I seem to remember Winstons on Snig Hill had a display window and possibly an entrance in one of the passage ways leading to the Hole in the Road. I bought a pair of snazzy pin striped flared trousers from them.
  10. When I lived in Hong Kong I moved into a rented house located in the far reaches of the New Territories. I was the only non-Chinese resident in the village. I spotted an elderly gentleman who looked like he might be an important member of the village community. Upon asking him how long he had lived there, he replied 'I don't live here, I own a chip shop in Sheffield'
  11. mr_blue_owl

    Would You Ever Change The Team You Support

    A slow and painful death would be preferable to supporting United or even worse Leeds
  12. mr_blue_owl

    Strange Pub Names

    The Cremorne Pig and Whistle Dove and Rainbow (lovely name) ---------- Post added 09-12-2017 at 17:21 ---------- The Florist ---------- Post added 09-12-2017 at 17:30 ---------- If I ever open a pub it will be named 'The Floppy Ferret'
  13. mr_blue_owl

    Strange Pub Names

    I remember when working on the railway south of Doncaster there was the Packet Inn which appropriately appeared to have closed down. There was a pub with the nickname 'Swingers' (not sure which context it was used) in Sheffield city centre, However I cannot remember its proper name or exact location I know of a pub in the Philippines which is grossly misnamed 'The Temple of a Thousand Virgins'
  14. mr_blue_owl

    Colley School/Parson Cross College

    I was often slagged off for being a 'Grammar Grub' by the good pupils of Colley School. lol

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