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  1. Arena - are you doing June 28th as well?
  2. There's a stall in the Crystal Peaks market - they have an ace selection - some very old, rare one's! Worth a look!
  3. One of the traders, who used to be downstairs selling retro stuff, is now called The Indie Arcade and is just up the road on Scotland Street.
  4. Hillsborough Arena car boot is cancelled today - they've posted it on their Facebook page.
  5. Yes maybe many festivals are held in parks and gardens but as this is the first big festival held in THIS park and totally around the duck pond I don't see this as a stupid comment.
  6. The road wasn't closed after the event. We saw a bus go up the road within the hour after. Also so much for stopping people from the festival parking on the street, there was a car and a van on our road all day, both were used by people coming out of the park. Then they both drove off, again within the hour afterwards.
  7. I agree The park is a public space and not an event arena. I should be able to walk around it whenever I feel like it not just when I have paid for certain sections.
  8. Infirmary Road Tesco Sunday 22nd April
  9. Your bond should be with these guys if you started renting after 2007 - on behalf of the landlord https://www.depositprotection.com It shouldn't be held with the agents anymore http://www.gov.uk/deposit-protection-schemes-and-landlords You must place your tenants’ deposit in a tenancy deposit protection (TDP) scheme if you rent out your home on an assured shorthold tenancy that started after 6 April 2007.
  10. I have to laugh at the ... "we aim to ensure as little disruption as possible" Another round of no trams and rubbish replacement bus services coming up - standing in town watching "blue" buses turning up on one street only for them to get to another street and switch to being a "yellow" service One bus in a morning, which is full by the time it reaches your stop Not to mention the recent ad-hoc 3 nights where there was work carried out from 11pm til 5am with less than 24 hours notice of working outside people's houses...
  11. Will the Tesco one go ahead today? I know it's hard standing but will people put their stuff out in the rain and has anyone turned up? Thanks!
  12. Hi I am looking for a female hair salon in Sheffield City Centre - they don't have to be female, just that they cut female hair! Any recommendations - I am just looking for a trim and my layers tidying up a bit. Thanks!
  13. I finish work at 5.30pm. At 6pm (the time of the meeting) I am still travelling home from work....
  14. Yes parks are there for everyone to enjoy - enjoy the peace and tranquility in a busy world. They are areas of nature in an ever crowded City - feed the ducks, watch the squirrels, enjoy the woodland walks. They allow you to breathe and relax. The park itself is a living entity full of different animals homes. It doesn't need to be constantly filled with event after event to be in use.
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