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  1. they may have had you been on holiday in botswana at the time:)
  2. i was bored this moring and no one was on:D :D well sussed btw;)
  3. could be worse......you could have ginger hair......as for the "black" bit i wouldn't find this offensive at all....but the "*******" bit is slightly offensive so i think a quick head butt on the bridge of the nose would have been my course of action.if someone called me whitey thats what i am so its no big deal.
  4. why not go and watch a premiership team:D :D :D :D
  5. right ive banged on about this for years and now we can do summat about it. There is a chance the public can make St Georges Day a public holiday (after this year) and it couldn't be easier to do. Click on the link below to vote, the site needs at least 1 million votes for the government to take it seriously and give us another bank holiday and I know you are up for that! http://www.stgeorgesday.com/voting.asp
  6. i gave up smokin 2 weeks and two days ago (national no smoking day) i don't feel any different at all.
  7. si i hear the deal is done and he's gone to derby on loan..we just need to get rid of akinbadbuy now and jobs a goodun:)
  8. you know where i can be found,i'm only a click away:) i hear your joining us tomorrow for a drink (thur 23rd) be nice to see ya:)
  9. if i personelly am booked for a gig i always set up during the day when possible and would always be there a good half hour before the guests...so i do agree with you on that score......but when i was askin for dj's i was just wondering why you seemed to be having a sly dig at me....... :confused:
  10. i'm just trying to workout why you seem to be having a pop about this on my thread........the only time we've ever spoke before is when you quoted 45 quid for something i got done for 18........but as they say thats another story:rolleyes:
  11. offer to work a months trial and let the potential employer just cover your expenses....if you are no good he hasn't lost owt and if you are good both parties are happy.
  12. i was lead to belive the person in question got you a replacement that lives right on the door step of the venue.......is it he that as let you down?
  13. care to explain willman? :confused: :confused:
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