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  1. Did anyone see the Nick Bennett Trio at Tramlines Music Festival in Sheffield? Local lads did us proud, absolutely awesome! If you haven't seen them yet, check out their website http://nickbennetttrio.com for music, gigs and news AND you can download their debut album which is a real treat for fans of modern jazz and blues.
  2. http://www.bangtidyclothing.co.uk/personalised-workwear-225-c.asp
  3. Just bought a t shirt on this website and noticed for sale, Land Rover 4x4 style personalised bean bag chairs, awesome lol
  4. Maybe have a look on these sites for contacts? http://www.arbtalk.co.uk/ http://arboristdirectory.arbtalk.co.uk/ Hope it helps.
  5. I agree so how about this ;-) http://www.bangtidyclothing.co.uk/yorkshire-cycling-mens-t-shirt-97006-p.asp
  6. http://www.bangtidyclothing.co.uk do this sort of thing using the latest direct to garment printers, not the sort that peel off after one wash. Unit 2, 161 Rutland Road, opposite the builders Merchants
  7. www.bangtidyclothing.co.uk will sort you out if it's not too late.
  8. Good news indeed, well done and I wish you both all the best for the future. Nice to see someone doing well for a change instead of all the doom and gloom we keep reading about.
  9. I also received the same information from Bradfield School (via parent mail email). I found it a bit alarming though as my children knew nothing about this when I asked them and they said that no teachers had informed them about this at all? But hey, kids, they don't always pay attention do they? Anyways, it is a genuine warning so be vigilante.
  10. I can highly recommend Bang Tidy Clothing in Sheffield as others on the forum have before. Email rich@bangtidyclothing.co.uk and he will sort it out for you.
  11. Bang Tidy Clothing have been recommended on here before Moonface. See this thread
  12. Yes, I got them fitted by http://www.doorlockupgrades.co.uk from Sheffield and everything was spot on.
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